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What Did I Do Wrong?

July 16, 2017

Here I am, on my usual bench, on a summer Sunday in July, staring at my handsome man.  His eyes stare back in an almost supernatural way, animated yet piercing.   Piercing with a force that cuts through the mundane.  Piercing with a force that makes me smile back.  His happy smile greeting me like a long lost friend.  I miss him so much.   His father is home trying to understand his own feelings, and Anthony’s brothers are out,…

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Anxiety Bereavement Family Health Moms Parenting

Grieving Never Ends

From Grieving-Mothers.org: I WILL GRIEVE FOR A LIFETIME!! Period.  The end.  There is no “moving on,” or “getting over it.”  There is no bow, no fix, no solution to my heartache. There is no end to the ways I will grieve and for how…

January 23, 2017