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When Did He Grow Up? The Cooties Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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When Did He Grow Up? The Cooties Edition

September 15, 2016

My youngest son Luciano took his High School yearbook and graduation photos today. Cap and gown!

I won’t see the proofs for a few months probably, but they’re taken.  

Class of 2017, here we come. 

When did Luciano grow up?  

I am not ready for this. 

I am not ready to be the Mom of 3 adult children.  

No, no and NO!

This is so “not me!”

I am still getting used to 50. And now I will be “50 with 3 High School graduates.”

No way. 

Half my girlfriends still have youngsters!! Under 10! 

Well, I can’t lie, those girlfriends are, on average, 8 years younger than me. But that’s not my fault I have young friends!

I can’t have no more little ones to cuddle!!

Life is so unfair. In so many ways…

I so miss the cuddling.  

Let me clarify. I do get “slight cuddling” but it’s NO comparison to the depth it used to be. 

Joey let’s me squeeze him when I need a hug but, at 21, it’s brief.  I get a brief kiss on cheek and a one handed hug. I have to ASK for two hands. 

Luciano is even worse. 17 means I ask for a kiss and here comes his forehead!!!

Seriously, Luciano dips his forehead to me.  Not even in a straight-on dip. I get ANGLED forehead. Guess what I am kissing?


Little Shit makes me kiss air.  

Long gone is my sweet Baby.  He has been replaced with a little Shit. 

I so miss the days of yore…


Cuddling on the couch…

Luciano would walk up to where I was sitting with a pillow in hand. Placing the pillow in my lap he would lay down on it, head in my lap so I could scratch his hair while we watched TV.  He used to love when I scratched his hair.  Eventually, he would roll over and fall asleep.  

I walk him to his bed and tuck him under sheets “nice and tight.”  I tucked sheets underneath him, locking him in like a Mummy.  He would then give me a kiss on the cheek and drift off into DreamLand. 

Fast forward to 2016…

  • ANGLED forehead kisses
  • Swats my hand away if I touch his hair.  
  • “Mom get out of my room” if I try to tuck him in. 
  • “You’re so annoying” -WTF!!!

Since when did his Mommy, who Luciano said he would let cuddle him at 40, become annoying??

See, Joey tells me I am annoying if I pick on him in front of his girlfriend, and that I understand.  I love telling the boy’s girlfriends all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Joey and Abby, lovely girl. He has good taste!

“Joey, you guys leaving?”

“Yeah Mom, we are going out.”

“Want me to leave out your SpiderMan pajamas? The feety ones right??”

Girlfriend bursts into laughter.  Joey shakes his head, “Mom you’re so annoying!”


But it is fun!!!!! Can’t wait to do that in front of his kids one day. 

Luciano thankfully does not have a girlfriend now (that I know about anyway). But, how could kissing me, his Mommy, goodnight now be an annoyance?  

Since when did Mommy get the proverbial “cooties?”

Do Moms have cooties?  

I don’t want Luciano to grow up yet. 

But, Moms don’t always get what they want.  I am certainly a testament to that statement. 

Onward I go…


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