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Back in Time…New Memories – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Back in Time…New Memories

May 2, 2016

Hello all, sorry I have been a bit quiet.  I got your kind emails and check-ins. Thank you, my readers and friends, for being a true comfort.  

Last week I took the week off from work to coincide with Luciano’s spring break.  We toured 3 colleges, spent a great day in NYC lunching in Chinatown and I even took him to Astor Place, where I cut my hair as a teen. 

I wanted Luciano to get a true New York haircut at an iconic legend.  My profile photo features one of Astor Place’s haircuts.  No beauty salon on Long Island would shave my sides as bravely as they would in 1985.  

Use a #1 blade please on the sides and the nape of the neck, leave the top long, so I can stand it up.  

Oh the fun memories! 

In 1985 I combined an Astor Place haircut with a used mens wool overcoat from Flip and a great t-shirt or earring from Trash and Vaudeville, sheer perfection.  I miss those days.  

Spray on hair color, eye paint, glitter…I had a perfectly winged eye in 2 minutes flat. Of course, my winged eyes were more of a “black triangle.”There are still elements of my style left over from 1985. 

Miss Makeup Freedom!

The most pronounced left overs are the outstretched earlobes from wearing those SUPER HEAVY crosses and chains in my ears.  Thank Goodness for LobeWonder patches (find them on Amazon).  I do still love my studs tho’.  Studded belts, rings, earrings.  So much fun and unexpected punch of bold alongside a business suit or dress.  Today they’re more designer than punk, but I do have a few vintage pieces I can’t live without.  

I channeled Madonna many times…

So back to my son, when we got to Astor Place it has not changed! It is still a hodgepodge of barbers, each with faithful and walk-in clients. Pictures of styles taped around their stations.  Cash only!

Luciano was sent to Deon the Barber and off they went. 

As I sat on a nearby bench watching the action, my son was all smiles and talkative.  It warmed my heart to see him enjoying the experience.  The result? Luciano, who is as particular as they come about his clothing and hair, asked me on the way out what subway trains he would take so he could go there on his own in the future.  YES!!

Shaved part and perfect fade!

Like mother, like son.  

If only I could get him into some vintage clothes… Maybe a little blue on the tips of his hair… 

No earrings tho’. Not a fan…

Back in time, new Memories…


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