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Purple Rain, Purple Tears – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Purple Rain, Purple Tears

April 23, 2016

My beloved Prince has gone to join my Anthony in Heaven.  Why does this happen?  Why does God call home the original genius’?  

Prince defined my teen years. Keyword – defined.  

As a teen, I lived in a world where I didn’t fit in, lacked courage, and was picked on for numerous things, including the size of my nose. Prince was a big F’you to the haters. 

The first time I saw him perform, he was mesmerizing.  An original, a true musician and artist. Full of swagger. He wasn’t the literal definition of sexy (if there is one), but Prince exuded sex.  Who can forget 1979’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover?”  

Prince worked hard to embrace both  musical artistry and sexuality. Unabashedly unafraid to be himself, he embraced his uniqueness and delivered a message that fitting in was, well, boring


Purple Rain debuted in theaters in July 1984, just as I graduated High School.  That was a pivotal time for me, I was free!

In my hometown of Long Beach, there is a saying “I’ve got Long Beach sand in my shoes.”  Well at that time I wanted to dump the sand out, clean in between my toes and move on. Long Beach was not who I was. It was just a zip code.  Leaving High School was my time to make my mark on the world.  I always felt, in my heart, that I was destined for different things.

Along came Purple Rain, and my direction was solidified.  My friends and I saw it 12 times in theaters during that summer.  I learned the words to every song as they, and he, embedded themselves in my heart.  

Prince laughed in the face of conformity and taught me that “Baby I’m a Star.” It was time for me to shine.    

Baby I’m A Star

Whenever I felt a lack of confidence, all I had to do was put on a Prince song and I was re-energized. 

Hey, look me over

Tell me do you like what you see?

Hey, I ain’t got no money

But honey, I’m rich on personality

Hey, check it all out

Baby, I know what it’s all about

Before the night is through

You will see my point of view

Even if I have to scream and shout

Baby, I’m a star

Might not know it now

Baby, but I are, I’m a star, yeah

I don’t want to stop, till I reach the top

Sing it, we all are a star

I had a destiny, it was my time to pursue it. I had nothing to back me up but a strong will and an idol singing about the joys in going crazy. Who cares? I went for it. 

I went to college, joined the Glee Club (chorus), became its President, graduated with honors and found my career. 

Unafraid, no apologies.  My Purple Rain transformed me into lightning. I found MY glow. My shine. 

Here we are folks

The dream we all dream of

Boy versus girl in the World Series of love

Tell me, have you got the look?

You walked in, I woke up

I’ve never seen a pretty girl

Look so tough, baby

You got that look

Prince was the reason I decided to give up my pursuit of a nose job. Or I should say he helped me develop the self-confidence that I was beautiful no matter what I looked like or size I am. 

Let’s face facts, Prince was 5’2″ tall and sexy as all hell. What other man could wear heels and make them look hot? Look at those eyes, hello!  

Ok now I am going to disclose something very personal… Mom you may want to stop reading here. 

“When Doves Cry” was playing the first time I had relations (sorry Mom, am going there).  My boyfriend loved Prince too. However my first time was by NO means this poetic scene that Prince and Apollonia had in the movie. 

I had NO IDEA what to do and asked “so that was it?” at the end…

I truly did ask that question. 

“So that was it?” 

Talk about killing a man’s libido. 

Like I said I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but Prince was there. 

I carried my love for Prince into my adult years. One of my most precious memories was his Musicology Tour in 2004. I went to the show with 4 very close friends…Sophia, Lourdes, Valerie and Debbie.  Dancing in our seats the entire 3 hours, it was an amazing experience.  I still have the t-shirt and photos of the 4 of us from that concert.   Debbie passed away a few months later due to anesthesia complications during surgery. Who knew Prince would be part of our last precious memories?

Now Prince is gone.  He joins my Anthony and Debbie in Heaven.  

The Beautiful Ones…

You were so hard to find 

The beautiful ones they hurt you 

Every time 

Paint a perfect picture 

Bring to life a vision in one’s mind 

The beautiful ones 

(The beautiful ones) 

Always smash the picture 

I will miss you Prince… You helped me define myself.  Thank you for your gift.  

Heaven is going to be a rocking place tonight…I can already imagine him plugging in his guitar. 


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