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Gratefully Enjoying the Good Things – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Gratefully Enjoying the Good Things

April 15, 2016

Work hard, despite grief and loss, to enjoy the good things and experience joy, in the large and small moments. ~ Me

First off, allow me to brag for a second. Luciano got accepted to the National Honor Society, Archon.  Throughout all the emotional turmoil he has personally been through – losing his oldest brother, establishing new relationships with Joey and his cousin Michael, I would have expected his grades to decline and his focus to be scattered.  

Anyone would. It would be acceptable. 

His grades have actually improved! He brought me home the Honor Society induction letter and I felt myself beaming with pride!  I will not sugarcoat the moment, it was also a huge sense of relief. He was, at least in one area, moving forward and proud of himself. 

Deep exhale…

Luciano is more focused than ever on finding the right college. He is off the last week of April and we will do some college tours.  Pre-med is still a possibility.  

Fingers crossed!

Additionally Luciano goes to the gym 4 nights a week to work out. He wants to build up a body like his late brother had.  Anthony was a powerhouse with a gorgeous physique. 

I started the workout trend after Luciano was born. Anthony would follow me working out when he was little and jump around to my “The Firm” VHS tapes. He would play with my hand weights and make me feel his muscles. It caught on, when Luciano was little he would follow Anthony or me during a workout. Always wanted to be part of our fitness journey. Now, Luciano’s own shoulder muscles are gaining definition.  

It’s so cute!  I love watching him come home and drink his “post-workout” protein shake. 

I know “cute” isn’t what he would appreciate me saying about his new muscles, but he is and always will be my baby – the 4 year old jumping over my step in between lunges. He would get so mad if he missed the lunge segment, I  would have to back up the tape or the tears would come quick. 

Precious memory. 

Forever cute in his Mommy’s eyes.  

One item I am not sure I totally agree with, Luciano quit his job at our local supermarket.  Jobs at 16 and 17 are not easy to come by, however he articulated the reasoning quite clearly. 

“I need to focus on school, I spend Monday-Thursday night at gym with Michael and I want the weekends with my friends.”  

I can’t say no to that.  He has the right rationale, and friends are important support now. 

And let me just say, my son’s friends are all AMAZING children.  I know some of you are thinking “everyone thinks their kids are wonderful Miranda…” However in this case, the answer is clear – they’re amazing.  

All of Luciano’s friends were with him from Kindergarten through Grade 8. They were a tight group, reinforced even more by parents who all genuinely got along. Get-togethers were regular occurrence. Social occasions and special events (proms, graduations, birthdays) were shared and collaborative efforts.  The sense of “small town community in the big city” was apparent. 

Now in NYC, when you go to High School, they hand you a book with every school in all 5 boroughs to choose from. You can apply to attend any school, in any borough. 

As a result, Luciano and a few of his friends go to school in Brooklyn, and many others go to varied schools throughout Queens.  Some moved on into Catholic High Schools. 

High School is a complete life of its own. You would expect them to make new friends, and go their separate ways.  You would expect to parents to move onto more singular experiences. 

Not this group.  They are mix of girls and boys, each one a joy to have around. Not a malicious teen or experience in the bunch. 

We Moms always comment to the other on how happy we are they have each other. Their weekends are spent together,  activities are many.  

They ran to Luciano’s side when Anthony died and have given him unwavering support. 

I am personally grateful to each of their parents, they have raised compassionate people.  It is something they should be very proud of…

But what am I saying? They set the example!  They came together in so many ways with support for us. I can’t say thanks enough. 

The positive thoughts of being blessed by so many people around us, brings light of joy into the dark times.   

 Thanks to all the Moms (and Dads).   You know who you are. For your children and your friendship. Love you all. 

As Martha Stewart always said, “It’s a good thing.”


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