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I Don’t Have Anything to Wear – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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I Don’t Have Anything to Wear

April 8, 2016

Being in mourning doesn’t leave many wardrobe options on the table. 

Black is the color palette of choice until the 3rd month he has been gone.  

Why 3 months you ask?

I have 3 sons, I figured one month for each of them. No real guideline here. Just a feeling I had, so I went with it. I want to pay respect to my feelings too. I don’t feel up to wearing “stand out red” or “warm and inviting green.”  

If there is a guideline, let me know.  I am just going with my gut on my color palette decision. 

Lou and my boys always said I had a ton of black clothes, and on many occasions I was asked if I “owned another color.”

I was always asked “are you going to a funeral?”  

Ummmm, yeah I did. 

I did make a concerted effort over the past few years to add some color to my wardrobe. Even…pink….  Yep. Me in pink. 

If you know me personally, you will know pink was a tough stretch. But muted shades look nice on me.  But NO fuschia. Let’s not get nuts

So here I am, 2 months in and I feel like I have exhausted my wardrobe options. I only have 1 month left, you’d think I would have this all figured out by now.

I am on a rotation now, and I don’t love wearing same thing over and over.  I did buy a few black skirts but how many days of the week can you do tights, skirt and tunic?  Friday its leggings, tunic and boots.  Without fail.  

I guess I can call it my Mourning Uniform. 

It may seem that I am trivial or superficial to be talking about my wardrobe considering all that’s happened. It is. I need to be trivial and superficial. 

Being trivial and superficial gives me something ELSE to focus on.  

I can’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, so I may as well worry about my wardrobe a bit. 

It’s all nonsense in the grand scheme of things…

I need a little nonsense right now.  

It’s a fair trade off considering the broken heart and crushed spirit I was left with.  



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