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An Unexpected Journey, A New Direction – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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An Unexpected Journey, A New Direction

March 29, 2016

I have been debating changing my blog  title and theme. 

Does Approaching50andFabulous still represent who I am?  

Am I going to be fabulous at 50?  

Does my blog title capture the journey I am now on?  

Is grief my “Style of Life?”

I talked to a few of you, my faithful family, friends and readers and you helped me settle the internal conflict going on in my mind. 

I put in a call to my designer today. The results should be available soon. 

My website will continue to be named Approaching 50 and Fabulous. My main mission is to find happiness, confidence and motivation. Despite all I have lost, I want to continue to be as fabulous a person, mother, friend, mentor and colleague that I can be.  I am devoted to my ongoing pursuit of strength. 

My tag line, A Style of Life, will be replaced by An Unexpected Journey, A New Direction. 

It’s a bit wordy, but it captures the spirit and theme of my blog quite accurately.  My life has taken a new direction and I am working on finding out who the real Miranda Allen is, despite my grief.

I hope to be a motivator again. I want to share things that make us smile and power songs to energize our days. However, now I can’t. It simply doesn’t feel right.  

I am still getting my bearings. Finding my compass. 

So what do you think?

Approaching 50 and Fabulous… An Unexpected Journey, A New Direction

Please let me know your opinions!  


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