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Anthony’s Garden – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Anthony’s Garden

March 15, 2016

We received a number of beautiful plants and trees as gifts in memory of Anthony. 

Lou transplanted them into larger, matching pots last week.  We now have a very pretty indoor garden in my living room and foyer. 

Anthony’s Garden. 

Now, let it be known, I am NOT a plant person. I have zero skills at gardening. I will kill silk flowers if left in my care.  

No joke

One of the cards that came along with the plants read that the giver had received one when her father passed away. She found the plant a comfort and hoped I would too.  

I doubted that, how could a leaf comfort me during the unimaginable, the worst time of my life?? 

During the first two weeks, I was right. 

Nothing brought me comfort. I received an olive tree from two dear friends with a plaque “In Memory of Anthony…” and I cried for hours.  

Don’t get me wrong, the gifts are a beautiful gesture, however in my situation, I was an emotional wreck the first two weeks after Anthony died. 

I went into full auto-pilot. Nothing mattered other than getting “left over funeral remnants” taken care of. Thank you cards, donating the vestment and chalice to our church, and our donations to the hospice. I wanted the formalities all completed and “put away.” I wanted the funeral to be a memory.  I paid no attention to the plants. 

Plus since I am not a plant person by nature, I honestly thought they would turn into something that would eventually die off and be forgotten. I don’t even know what kind of plants they are, why would they matter?? 

I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Fast forward to today, and these plants have become a true source of comfort for me. They make my living room a peaceful place.  They give the room a renewed meaning.  They are Anthony’s Garden. 

Sunday I sat on the couch in my sweatpants watching Kate & Leopold on cable, alone in the house for the first time in a long time. I had the phone put away and it was just me. No interruption. 

I looked at my plants and they made me feel warm and safe. I moved closer and took a real look at each of them, touching the silky leaves. I talked to the plants. I asked them to stay with me in memory of my boy. 

I still have no idea what kind of plants they are.  They are beautiful. 

Anthony’s Garden has become something I look forward to seeing when I come through the front door. So I decided to take a few pictures of it to share. 


I Love the Little Angel


Lush and Vibrant, Just Like Anthony


Our Dragon Now Flanks The Garden for Luck and Protection


More Lush Greenery


Anthony’s Olive Tree, Complete with Memory Plaque

Don’t be fooled by the skinny Olive Tree. Lou trimmed it so the trunk would grow taller and it would gain height versus width.  He has all the cuttings in a separate pot to hopefully root. Fingers crossed. 

He is good at this gardening stuff, so I trust we will soon have lots of Olive Trees.  It is currently in my foyer so it gets constant sunshine. In the summer, we will move it outdoors into the backyard. Olive trees like the heat (according to Lou). I will simply watch from the sidelines. The Garden is safer that way. 

Anthony’s Garden is a bright spot in my darkness.  I am grateful. 

Oh and if any of you know what kind of plants these are (except the olive tree), let me know!  



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