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Clowns Rejected By The Big Top – The Wishful Thinking Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Clowns Rejected By The Big Top – The Wishful Thinking Edition

January 28, 2016

Hello Fabulous Friends!

Can you all yell “TGIF” AS LOUD AS YOU CAN??? I can’t hear you!?!

What a week! It was both work-busy and emotionally challenging.  I must admit it is nice to have lots to do at work during emotionally challenging times. Plus a little retail-therapy always helps to cheer me up. I bought myself some lipstick and a new makeup primer, plus some rings on HSN.  Did I need it? Hell no, but that’s the whole point. 

If you haven’t found Emma Skye Jewelry Designs, check them out. Stainless Steel!  Doesn’t give me allergic reactions. #Love!

So, what was on the emotional challenge list you ask?  What wasn’t? 

  • My oldest son is having a hard time finding a job now (what 24 year old isn’t?) HOWEVER he makes lackluster attempts to FIND full-time secure employment.  Secure  = medical benefits etc. You usually have to be employed for a few months before you get benefits and he will need them at 26. I am getting nervous and more annoyed that he just has no motivation whatsoever. His friends are in same boat, working with no security, so they commiserate versus motivate.  Ugh. I know I ranted on about this last week, but the more weeks go by, the more annoyed I get. 
  • My middle son is just angry at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. He is 20, soon to be 21 in 4 weeks; the child acts like a curmudgeon. Everyday.  Everything is stupid. His job, life, money, his father, brothers, me, his friends. Nothing is wrong, however every response is an invitation to fight. “Mom you do nothing but annoy me…”, his favorite phrase. My response, “Yes Joseph that is what I was put on this earth to do, annoy you, my sole life’s purpose.”  Ugh. So worthless when I try to talk and all I get back is an argument. 
  • My husband.  Oh Dear Lord don’t get me started on him this week.  That man is like a wet cat trapped in a covered bucket.  Whining and claws out, ready to scratch the first thing that peeks inside.  He is home with my older sons, calls me at work to complain about something they did, and then gets MAD at me when I get involved.  I can’t win this week.  I texted him this picture of wishful thinking:  


Luckily my youngest has been at work all week. He is a cashier in one of our local stores. It’s New York State Regents exam week, so he hasn’t had school and he got extra hours at work.  He is so diligent and never gives me a headache (yet).  

The other 3 I would like to sell to the circus, they can use new clowns.  I can imagine it now, I drop them off at Ringling Brothers train. Oh the joy of watching the train pull out of the station and away they go. 

With my luck, 3 weeks later, I am resting on a chaise in the backyard when the doorbell rings.  I open the front door to find my 3 men standing there with a registered letter attached to their jackets (kinda like how they used to pin notes to us in kindergarten):

Dear Mrs. Allen:

We regret to inform you that the three clowns you sent to us are not the type of clowns we need, and as such we are returning them to you. 

You are on your own with these three. 

Please don’t hesitate to come see our next performance in NYC.  


Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Fuckers.  Screw their next performance. 

I am open to suggestions on a deserted island to put them on, forever.  

Elvis’ “Love Me Tender” just came on my Amazon Music, SKIP THAT SHIT.  Love me tender my ass. THIS is my song to my husband:

He and HIS 2 children are exactly alike. All short-tempered with a mouth to match.  I am so lucky. NOT.  We are such a happy family. Joy. 

I may bitch but, in the end, I do love my clowns. They are all mine.  My true loves. My husband and I created a legacy.  They were such beautiful boys and now are such handsome men, aren’t they?   

 Wait wait wait… Does the “they are all mine part” mean I have to keep them forever?? 

No way!!!! Someone, anyone, come marry these kids and let them live with you.  Please.  Arranged marriages considered!!! Email me!  The big one goes first. 

I take back my TGIF at the beginning of today’s post. I have to spend the next two days in the center ring.  Queue the circus music. 

Help a Friend Out!! 💋~ Miranda

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