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Buried Treasure… – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Buried Treasure…

January 26, 2016

Hello Fabulous Friends!

Jonas dumped 30.7 inches of snow on my house. Well, as you know, Jonas dumped snow most of New York City and surrounding counties, New Jersey, and down to Washington DC. Big storm, second largest storm on record for NYC. Packed quite a whallop. 

Our Sanitation Department did not clear up the snow quickly enough in many communities, making it torturous to get to/from school, work and other needed appointments for many. I know many friends in New Jersey still stuck at home as no plows have been down some tertiary roads, making main roads inaccessible.  My oldest son is a few hundred dollars richer, he made out like a bandit shoveling homes and cars out of the snow. Who wants to break their backs when you can pay a 24 year old to do it for you?  

Trains, busses and planes, delayed.  As I write this, I am standing at my bus stop on 57th Street, about 30 people ahead of me, waiting for my bus.  My transit app tells me it will be here in 15 minutes!  Never ever am I here at the bus stop with more than 7 minutes to spare. 

Oh and the bus stop itself is NOT shoveled, meaning we either climb over a snowbank or, collide and share a 1 foot wide path leading into the street with the other pedestrians who are trying to cross 57th Street. You have to see the chaos here on the corner.  



Finally, I got on a bus and am on my way home. The entire journey will take me 2 hours, and more than likely it will be much of the same the remainder of the week. I live 12 miles from Midtown. My commute should take me 40 minutes. Joy of joys. 

The bus ride was faster than I thought, and now I’m walking home in the middle of the road avoiding the sidewalks. Some people did not shovel a path and I do not feel like jumping through snow drifts and driveways to get to my destination. My only problem is, I am wearing a black coat, black tights, black boots, and no reflective gear, other than my Charlotte Tilbury highlighter on my cheeks.  It’s a little dangerous to be walking in the middle of the road, but the sidewalks are far more treacherous than the roads.   

 Know what?  Despite all the headache, all the chaos, I love New York City. My complaints and commuter nightmares are no different than any other snow storm. Snow storms are annual events. 

Why the media portrays every storm as if it’s the apocalypse, I have no idea.  We live in New York, it is winter, we get snow. Major snow. It’s not the end of the world as we know it. 

Snow happens… Why is it a surprise?

New York’s jewels are merely buried under snow piles and caution tape. Before we know it hashtags #snowpocalypse and #Jonas will be distant memories. 

My treasure is buried for now and it won’t last forever.  Can’t wait to watch the news when I get home and listen to the “continuing coverage of the Blizzard of 2016.”  The sensational breaking news won’t last long either, thank goodness. 


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