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Tire Tracks – The Frustration Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Tire Tracks – The Frustration Edition

January 20, 2016

Hello Fabulous Friends!

Well the fabulousness is on hold today. I need to vent. If you were expecting my normal jovial, confidence boosting mantras, I apologize, just consider this post my being “closed for inventory today.”

My inventory, however, consists of me itemizing all the ways I want to run my oldest child over with my car.   

 Don’t go all “politically correct parenting” on me. ALL OF YOU have dreamed about it at one time or another, especially if you’re the parents of young adults. As I am. 

To those who are shaking their heads in disgust wondering how I could think such a thing, you’re either the parents of adorable toddlers (so you don’t know true mind numbing pain yet) or you have a psychiatrist on speed dial who gives you great meds (share that phone number please). 

And don’t get me wrong, I am not talking running my oldest over with a skull, crushing gore. More like “flat as a pancake” cartoon-style effort, like Flat Pat. 

 Why am I comparing my child to Flat Pat you ask?  Because my oldest is 24 and his priorities are in his ass, where his head is. 

The man needs a new job and he takes such a non-chalant approach to the process of employment search it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating because, as the breadwinner, I am subjected to the complaint calls from his father on a regular basis.  

My son’s name is Tony, but same concept.

  I have tried telling his father, “Honey I love you but I am at work, can’t this conversation wait till I get home?”  All that does is delay the inevitable annoyance to come, and leaves his father holding the responsibility until I get home to help. Tony is both our child and we need to be united on this. 

Tony lives at home and his steady job, or lack thereof causes a stress on everyone. Right now he is working “part-time while still looking.” I don’t see much looking!!!  

Tony is very content to be hanging out with his other friends who have spare time, going to gym, someone’s house to play video games or on Tinder meeting girls. 
Tinder?? What girl is gonna want this meathead of mine?  He can’t support himself much less anyone else.  A nice dinner out for him and a date will be Wendy’s $1 menu at this rate. Girls if you see my son’s profile on Tinder, SWIPE NO!  

Tony may be super handsome, blond, blue eyes, built like a mean machine. However ladies, you will be lucky to “supersize” your fries at Christmas if you date my son. Not kidding. Walk the other way if you see him coming. 

Honestly, my agitation stems from fact that in less than 2 years he will have no insurance. My medical plan will cease to cover him at 26. I keep trying to reinforce to him that he needs a full-time job and get into a company that offers benefits. He needs a career and a future. 

Getting Tony to sit down and focus on a real job search is like pulling teeth out of his head. He squirms around and finds every excuse why he lacked to focus on this endeavor today. 

Yep, that’s the response I get

I mentor 3 young adults who are striving to find their career path and be successful. I consider myself lucky to be a resource to them when they need me. I listen, question, offer advice when needed and am a sounding board. 

I offer my son the same mentoring and the gesture falls on deaf ears. Doesn’t want my help. Doesn’t want my involvement. 

I wish I had a Fairy Godmother, like Oprah, who could truly help this process along.  

He is a bright young man. Extremely talented with his hands and in the electrical trade. He just needs to hit the right company at the right time. 

I just don’t know why Tony’s commitment  is so lackadaisical. I was never lax about it. In my day, you made the job search top priority.  Why is it #10 on his priority list?? 

Oh Lord help me if he turns out like this…

That will be him. 


Bathrobe and all. Living with me at 40. Yelling for some meatloaf.  


That’s what he calls me too.  It will be my life. 

Actually I made meatloaf for dinner last night …. My Tony loves my meatloaf. 

Any suggestions on how to not succumb to my frustration appreciated!  As always, you’re amazing and thanks for letting me vent. 



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