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My Name is Miranda and I am a Chocoholic  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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My Name is Miranda and I am a Chocoholic 

January 11, 2016

Hello Fabulous Friends! 

I seriously need a 12-step program for chocolate addiction. Seriously.  No kidding here.  

I cannot survive on any diet because I sabotage it with sugar.  I MUST eat chocolate daily. No exception.  I have tried many diets including most recently “The 100” and I fail at them. I cannot eliminate the sinful sensation that chocolate is, out of my life.  The wonderful feeling of a good piece of chocolate melting on my tongue and it’s sweet caress of my senses.  I am addicted. 

No cake or iced cream, only candy. In the best form it could be, and only the best kind. 

No Hershey Bars stuffed in my purse.  Those won’t do. Friday night on the way home from work I spent $35 dollars on Godiva truffles.  The counter person KNOWS me, greets me with a “Welcome back, how are you, we have some new varieties today.”  She and I exchange a double cheek kiss and she muses on about her boyfriend and the upcoming weekend while I salivate over what I am taking home. 

I stealthly eat 3 truffles on the way home while on the bus. Over 200 extra calories and I haven’t even made it to dinner yet. While on the bus, i am careful to spread napkins over my lap and use a wet nap on my hands to eliminate any remnants and scent. I don’t want nosy bus mates or sons. The remainder of my precious cargo are packed away in my tightly zippered tote bag. It’s a big tote for a reason. 

My first stop at home is always my bedroom, to change from business to casual and wash my face.  Since no one comes into my room, it gives me a chance to hide my truffles in my closet. 

Yes I HIDE chocolate my closet. Same place I keep my clothes.  

I have another large tote bag on a hanger and my secret stash goes inside. No one is the wiser. I hide them so the boys won’t eat them. I don’t share. I know, I should, but they’re mine. All mine.

My obsession is not limited to Godiva. I go into Neuhaus and get $50 worth of Belgian chocolate on a whim. Teuscher is another favorite. I can buy $75 worth of Dark Champagne Truffles without batting an eyelash – they are pure heaven. 


 And if you like sea salt caramels, Abdallah candies in Minnesota makes amazing ones.  I love the caramels with a good glass of Merlot. The Merlot’s flavors are enhanced by the dark chocolate and salt. A 2lb box lasts me a few weeks. These I dis share once, when I went to California to visit family. I sent a box ahead so we could enjoy.  Guess who wound up eating the majority?   Yours truly. 

 If I am in a Walgreens I find the 86% cacao Lindt or Ghiradelli chocolates. They fit in my purse nicely. 

When do I eat them? When I change after work, weekends when no one is home. I open my closet and stealthy, carefully indulge in my private heaven. I have 1, 2 or maybe even 3 pieces, depending upon how long I will be alone. 

I cannot simply gobble them down. Eating my precious stash is a ritual. With each piece, I savor every smell, the texture. Some chocolates have more of woody, coffee taste, others are creamy and milky. It’s like wine, each varietal is different. 

After placing a small piece in my mouth, I let the chocolate melt against my tongue and am careful not to chew until it has softened slightly.  Each of my tastebuds pick up a different character within the chocolate.  The pleasure is memorable, lasting. 

My addiction doesn’t stop there. 

Every road trip, I manage to find fresh fudge.  I always buy a 1/2 lb to eat while walking around. Most recently was in Bermuda.  Oh wait, no it was a few weeks ago on a trip back from upstate.  I found in a local orchard/farmers market. Had to have.

My husband teases me about it, but this past month I have spent over $100 on chocolates and I ate them, alone. I am starting to think I have a bit of an addiction. 

Have any of you given up chocolate? Or have an addiction to a food like me?  Please feel free to share!  

How do I come off the stuff?  I think it’s what is keeping me from losing weight (I know it is, think sounds a bit more hopeful that it’s not). 

Need reader input. Am I an addict?  


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  • Reply Gina January 12, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    You are an addict for sure, Miranda lol! But I don’t really see that as a problem…it just makes YOU sweeter! Teuscher is my favorite indulgence and I always have to get some when I am in NYC ! xo G ina

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