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5 Days In – How You Doing? Cold Yet? – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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5 Days In – How You Doing? Cold Yet?

January 6, 2016

Hello my Fabulous Friends!  

It’s 5 days into January, our coldest day yet in NYC (and all over the NorthEast per my friend’s Facebook post of the temperature gauges on their phones). Got my heavy down coat on, hood pulled squarely over my head.  

Not me, but pretty close (minus snow)

 Hat hair on fleek.

It’s winter.  Cold is expected.  Bring it on!!  I want the cold weather to keep coming. Bring me a real winter. It’s why I live in the NorthEast anyway, 4 true seasons.  

 I know some of you are shaking your head at me saying, “Miranda you need to be thinking warm thoughts…, what is wrong with you?”   

 I want some snow!!

In my opinion, nothing is more beautiful than a snow covered NYC.  

Central Park


Central Park


Boroughs of Snow

From Central Park to treelined streets of the boroughs, NYC is unparalleled in its quiet beauty.  When it snows, the city that never sleeps is suddenly transformed into a peaceful, restful paradise. 

Sitting in my living room, I love staring out my front window during a snowfall. Glass of wine in hand, or tea (in case it’s not yet 5pm somewhere), watching the snow accumulations grow. Soft fluffy flakes that tickle your nose and cling to your coat when you step outside.  It’s a true wonderland!  Even though there is an underlying fear of slipping on ice and breaking a hip,  I can’t wait to stand in the snow and take my own pictures. All of these images I must credit to GettyImages.  Can’t wait till they’re mine. 

Despite all the wonder, I am not losing sight of the mass transit issues and the hell that becomes my daily commute. 1 hour becomes 2-3.  The dead car batteries, spinning tires. The slow walk in the middle of a snow covered street to avoid walking through unshoveled sidewalks. 

Speaking of shoveling snow, the water and salt that is inevitably tracked into my front door causing me to mop the foyer daily. Sometimes twice. 

Careful steps on street corners to avoid winding up ass-first in a dirty snow pile. Or a dreaded yellow snow spot. The teenagers who decide it’s time to rev up the quad and come flying down my street.  And of course, the snow plows who push all the snow BACK into my driveway that we just shoveled out of the way. Can’t forget them. 

Even with all the inconvenience and resulting annoyance, I love my NYC winters. 

Ok ok ok, you all know me too well. I can’t fool you. Want to know the real reason I love NYC winters?  

It means we are on our way to NYC summers!   


So please, bring on winter!  Every winter day that passes means summer is coming!!  

Can’t wait till my favorite city is full of life and vibrancy. 

Have a great day!


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