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Back! New Years Resolutions or Not? – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Back! New Years Resolutions or Not?

December 31, 2015

Hello Fabulous Friends.  I have been down-and-out with a bad case of the flu since Christmas Eve, and to think I got the flu shot!  

During my recovery I went through 4 boxes of tissues and 18 pots of herbal tea. Oscillo was my saving grace along with triple dose of probiotics, Vitamin C, B-Complea and Advil Cold and Sinus.  Nothing else works for me. Flooding my body with liquid and vitamins. That’s the combination that brings me back to health. Oh and of course, washing my hands no less than 25x a day. After every sneeze, the hands are washed. Lotion is my friend. I am compulsive about hand washing. 

Usually 2 days max and I feel better. However this bout literally wiped me out. Body, mind and spirit.  My head was so congested no clear thoughts or inspiration was flowing. I was in such a horrible fog my brain hurt. Literally. I had to take a few days off, on top of my recent Christmas break.  I am sure a few of you must have thought I quit writing!  No such luck!  Haha. You’re stuck with me!! 

I am finally feeling better and won’t spread any of my germs to you via my column. 

How are you all?  I have missed you!!   

Ok so enough about my germs. It’s time for New Years Resolutions. Do you make them?  If so do you fall into statistical norms?   

 What are the statistical norms you may ask?  I found a good article here: New Years Resolution Statistics

Some excerpts: 

Count me as previously among the 38% who never make resolutions. I am just not a person who commits to goal pursuits that far in advance.  An example is the case when I started to blog, I just did it. I had the time, my schedule was good, I was motivated and off I went.

I so admire the 8%.  They’re the people who set out a resolution, make a plan and  achieve it. Being in the 8% means they’re organized, methodical and resolute in their commitment. I could only wish to be have that trait. I am lucky my socks match when I leave the house. My purse looks like a family of raccoons made a home in it. However 92% of us are in same boat.  Socks and raccoons for everyone! Yay!  

Looks like NewYears Resolution success rates get worse as we age.  

 Only 14% of people over 50 achieve their New Years resolutions. What do you think is the reason for the gap between people in their 20s versus their 50s?   Do you think we have less time to commit, less patience for change?  I would like to hear your perspectives here. 

I am however making resolutions for 2016.  First and foremost:  

I want to continue to write my blog, workout, enjoy time with friends and my family. I want to live each day to find the most fabulous experiences that I can.  

I found the following list that I think suits me perfectly. I find the items all very manageable and positive in their possibilities.   They leave my options open, which is what I prefer:

Being weird? Got that covered. Choosing happy? Check!  These are the resolutions I plan on sticking to in 2016.  

As 2016 will be the year I turn 50, I want to have fun and create happiness for myself and others along the way. 

So! What are your resolutions? Share them here so we can all help support each other in our journeys.  2016 is certain to be a great year if we are surrounded by supportive friends!

Happy 2016!!!

💋~ Miranda 

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