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Why Do We Care? Reality isn’t Fraudulent  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Why Do We Care? Reality isn’t Fraudulent 

December 23, 2015

Hello Fabulous Friends!  

Why is Teresa Guidice’s release from prison front page news today?  She is a woman who defrauded banks, the government, companies, small businesses and all her fans.  Teresa is a criminal and her time 11 months in jail was well deserved punishment. 

If you can’t do the time, don’t commit the crime

Teresa and her husband Joe were convicted of federal bankruptcy fraud and he goes off to prison for a 41 month sentence beginning in March. Teresa served 11 months, their sentences were staggered for the benefit of their daughters. 

If they wanted to benefit the daughters, Teresa and Joe should have lived an honest life. 

As a “reality show star,” Teresa gave us all a dose of her reality – greed, dishonesty and fraud.  Her poor girls got a good example set by their parents to solidify their future- here is what “not” to do kids. 

Their daughters will have to put up with ridicule and public shaming, all as a result of their parents mis-deeds.   I shake my head in disgust.  The children pay for the sins of their parents. 

Let’s face it every hair bow, dance lesson, party dress the girls received during their young lives was the product of fraud, not hardworking parents who sacrificed and scraped by each month for the benefit of their kids. 

Why don’t they have a reality show of all the small business owners the Giudice’s defrauded raiding their mansion to take back what is rightfully theirs!?  Now that would be “must see tv!”  

The best thing we could have done for the Guidice’s today was NOT publicize her release from prison.  Let her come home quietly. No cameras, no paparazzi. No coverage of the couple who made Bravo TV infamous by playing themselves off as worthy of attention.  Let the Guidice’s fade into obscurity and give their 4 daughters a chance at normalcy in the future.  

In a few years no one will remember this family anyway, why don’t we start forgetting them now.  By ignoring their antics, maybe the girls can have a Merry Christmas away from the spotlight their parents inflicted upon them. 

I guarantee Teresa will be on some morning show in the days to come, discussing how prison was so hard, emotionally trying and how her nails and hair took a beating without her glam squad.  There will be Kleenex moments with her tearing up talking about how much she missed her girls.  Joe is leaving for 41 months and she has to be a single parent.  Oh the tragedy…

You deserved prison Teresa and your girls deserve better parenting. Get off our tv screens, close your front door and go be a Mom.  


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