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Goodbyes Are Necessary Evils – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Goodbyes Are Necessary Evils

December 16, 2015

Hello Fabulous Friends!  

It’s December 15, in 2 short days my baby boy, my firstborn, turns 24!  I love my son more than life itself. He is my heart. I have some special items to share for his birthday, can’t wait till Thursday.

On the flip side, my oldest son causes me more grief than is healthy.  2/3’s of the gray hair on my head is from my oldest, I kid you not.  If something is dangerous, risky, hair raising or just plain crazy, there is my oldest, leading the way, forging ahead to try it. 

His younger brothers then split the difference in the grays on top of my head. Actually the middle one has about 3/8’s more than my youngest. Thank goodness I know how to dye my own hair.  I’d be bankrupt if I had to visit a salon every 4 weeks for color. 

However today’s discussion isn’t about the angst I live through on a daily basis being a mother of 3 young adult boys. Today’s discussion is about remaining positive in SPITE of all of it.  

Is it easy to remain positive? HELL NO. When something goes wrong, I worry to the point of exhaustion. I am no different than any other person. 

Two years ago, I was an emotional mess, however a good therapist who was an experienced life coach helped me get my focus reset. She allowed me to see the good moments in the bad days. 

As a result, life’s been pretty darn ok overall. There are great days. There are shitty days. There are ShitStorm Days and Hold the F’ On for Dear Life Days, Weeks, Months.  However, I try to be resilient and happy despite any turmoil under the surface.   

 This blog, focusing on finding Power Songs, motivation, and confidence focus me outward. It helps me to see what is possible in myself and the world. I have hope.  Accompanying  my blogging are  submerging myself in exercise, education and volunteer work.  I attended a scholarship foundation dinner and introduced myself to 5 people I didn’t know. It was a bit daunting at first, but I did it and enjoyed meeting them. Sent out a few “nice to meet you” follow up emails today. 

When push comes to shove, in taking care of me, I have had to thin out my friends and even family. There is no room in my world for drama. I have ended relationships and it’s not easy, but when the dust settles, you find you’re in a much better place.  

It’s sad, because some people I had the utmost respect for, however when you’re over-emotional and obsessed with what is wrong, on a daily basis, versus what is right in their world, something is wrong. And I cannot be around wrong.  

 I hate to, but I have to cut ties, sometimes for a while, others are permanent. It’s ok to say “goodbye for now,” when every “how are you” launches the other person into a seemingly unending rant on the negatives of life.  If I wanted to be assaulted by this type of talk, I will listen to Hubby when he gets my credit card statement. 

Not pretty…


Every day you wake up and have a choice – see the beauty of a sunrise OR wonder why it’s taking so long to rise. You can enjoy the comfort in a laugh with a friend or stare in stone silence. 

Personally, I choose happiness.  Life is too short. I may not wake up tomorrow. Nothing is promised. God’s plan for me is His and when he calls me home, it’s off I go. In the interim, I want to make these 15-18 waking hours as positive as possible, even if it means saying Goodbye. It’s a necessary evil. 


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