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Fact Checking, Followed By a Hymn For The Weekend – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Fact Checking, Followed By a Hymn For The Weekend

December 11, 2015

Hello Fabulous Friends! 

I have a fresh new haircut and it’s going to be a balmy 62 degrees here in NYC today. Double awesome! 

I love when I just get a haircut, don’t you?  My hair feels so light and bouncy. I want to feel light and bouncy today, too. I am going to do everything in my power today to enjoy the workday and have some fun along the way.  

Ok not to drag the conversation back to a sore subject but, last night in the hair salon it was the opposite story. I saw the full effects of Donald Trumps’ divisive rhetoric on display and it saddened me.  

I got to the salon and my stylist wasn’t ready for me. I sat in a chair nearby her stationto wait to be shampooed, sinking myself into a game of Farm Heros Saga level 449.  I should have had my earbuds.  I could have turned on today’s power song and not listened to the conversation going on around me.  

But I didn’t have my earbuds, and I couldn’t help hearing the conversation, it was 10 feet away. 

Three women were sitting side by side having their hair done and of course, the topic of discussion was Mr. Trump’s stance on Muslims.   

I was hopeful at first. Maybe one of them would say “Oh he is such a divisive jerk, he doesn’t deserve to be our President.”  

No such luck. One of them stated that Mr. Trump’s “ideas are right, he just said what he said the wrong way,” was disheartening. The other two women agreed in unison.  The Hairdressers simply nodded along with a good poker face, keeping their personal political views out of the conversation. 

The conversation between the 3 women continued on, achieving full agreement that division will make us a safer nation. Now, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, I just don’t see how “division will make us safer” is a factual concept??

One of the women made a comment that struck me like a lightening bolt, “those people brought ALL the problems here with them.”   At that point, I  was done being a passive listener. I  had to chime in because my ears have had enough.  

“I am sorry but I overheard that last statement and had to bring some facts to the table.  Many of the mass shootings have been commited by Americans, yet when it’s our own, they’re called “deranged” or “mentally ill”, we don’t label Americans as terrorists. Why not?  Americans were responsible for Colombine, the Colorado Movie Theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, last week’s Planned Parenthood shooting?  

The Oklahoma City Bombing wasn’t commited by Muslim, it was committed by Timothy McVeigh, an American. I suggest you review some of the facts and who has commited more crimes against the United States.  There is no justification for not labeling Americans who commit the same crimes – terrorists.”  

I got blank stares and no response. I looked at my hairdresser and said I was going to get a coffee next door and asked her if she wanted one. I then turned on my heels and walked out to grab a Macchiato. 

I was surprised I chimed in, usually I don’t interject. I tend to express myself through written word versus being verbally confrontational. However, this entire subject is so personally offensive and the ignorance so pervasive, I feel compelled to get the true word out there. 

Here are some articles for further reading:

Think All Terrorists are Muslim? Not Even Close

King: White Shooters are Never Called Terrorist

I leave you to read these articles and the facts will speak for themselves. 

I am officially done writing about this subject (unless Mr. Trump says something else truly ignorant, which is a definite possibility). 

Can we go back to Power Songs now?  Would you mind?  

I was working from home yesterday and turned on my Amazon Prime Music.  Coldplay’s latest album – A Head Full Of Dreams was available to stream. I am not a big Coldplay fan, but I thought would be nice to listen to something a little different. 

I was pleasantly surprised!  This album is full of really good songs!  They’re well put together, with a great mix of instrumental and vocals. 

I have a favorite – and since it’s Friday this song is a perfect Power Song choice. It also supports love, happiness and unity!  Something the world needs more of these days. 

Today’s Power Song is – A Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay (featuring Beyoncé) Turn it up!  It delivers a beat and lyrics you won’t be able to get out of your head. This  collaboration delivers. 


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