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Things That Make Us Smile – The Karaoke Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Things That Make Us Smile – The Karaoke Edition

December 3, 2015

Hello my Fabulous Friends!  I haven’t done a “Things That Make Us Smile” post in a few weeks. However, it wasn’t for a lack of wanting too, there were just other things to write about!  Lol. 

Back to topic, today’s thing that made me smile, and I hope will make you smile too, are the Carpool Karaoke segments from The Late Late Show with James Corden. 

I admit I have never watched James Corden’s show as it is as it’s title conveys on television Late Late (1230am is when I am in Zzzz’s Dreamland and forget Friday’s I am asleep by 10pm). However, if these Carpool Karaoke segments are any indication, he will be moving to an earlier timeslot in the future.  James is exceptionally funny, warm and talented performer.  Likable. That’s the operative word. 

The first is the latest segment with James and Carrie Underwood. Jesus Takes The Wheel and they go shopping for authentic cowboy apparel: 

Once he’s all suited up, James jokes that in his cowboy apparel he would have beaten his fellow Brit David Beckham for title of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Carrie replies that People Magazine will probably call David to take the award back, James is clearly the new title holder.

Carrie Underwood is such a darling, you can’t help but laugh when she is trying to pull off the boots from James’ foot. 

Second segment I want to share is with James and Justin Bieber. 

Now I know what you’re all saying, “Miranda, you cannot fathom the thought of The Biebs, why are you including him in a Things That Make You Smile Edition? Are you CRAZY?” 

You’re all right and normally I would never post anything he is in, however his and James interactions are very funny.  Their full-on in car dance with a body wave and clothes shopping excursion are each a laugh out loud moment. So here goes:

I enjoyed these immensely and I hope they make you smile too!  

Remember life is  short, tomorrow is never promised so turn those frowns upside down and laugh a little!!  Maybe even sing out loud in the car…? 


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