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Proven Fact: 40s Are Hottest Time Of Your Life

November 24, 2015

Hello my Fabulous Friends!  Last night,  my longstanding hypothesis that your 40s are the hottest, sexiest time of your life, became a proven fact in under 8 minutes. 

A 46 year old proved that 20 and 30-somethings can be attractive, however when it comes to full on sexy, they got nothing on us 40+ year old women.  Sorry to my younger readers, however I knew I was right in my hypothesis all along.  

  Last night, Jennifer Lopez (JLo) was the Host of the 2015 American Music Awards (AMA).  JLo has always wanted to host an awards show, and last night was her chance to do so and shine.  She has been a charismatic judge on American Idol, so you know she can hold her own on stage. 

 JLo not only shone, she blinded the audience. 

JLo was not only a poised and well spoken host, she delivered one of the best opening dance routines in AMA history.  Highlights are all over the media today – words such as “epic” being used to describe the mashup. Here it is in its entirety:

At 46, JLo has the moves, the body and the sheer confidence it takes, and isn’t afraid to show them all off. 

There is also a rumor that Nicki Minaj’s face was a bit RBF during JLo’s dance to Nicki’s hit “Anaconda.”  While everyone else was dancing in their seats and enjoying the performance, Nicki was a bit stone faced.  I don’t attribute Nicki’s expression to anything else than age envy. 

Nicki is 32 – she’s still got a way to go to reach her full sexy peak.  However Nicki, don’t fear, you’re a beautiful young woman and will get there in 10 years. Next time enjoy yourself!  I wish I was sitting in your seat. 

If I could dance like that I wouldn’t have to write for a living…just saying

Fashion Blogs are lighting up today as JLo wore a series of very revealing and quite risky “thank goodness for double sided tape” outfits.  She had 9 wardrobe changes during the AMAs, see them here:

Jennifer Lopez AMA Fashions

JLo your epic opening of the 2015 AMAs is today’s Power Song, proving once and for all that Approaching 50 IS TRULY FABULOUS.  


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