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Wonder Woman – The Resurrection – and She’s Powered Up! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Wonder Woman – The Resurrection – and She’s Powered Up!

November 18, 2015


Image credit: DC comics

Like a Phoenix risen from the ashes, Wonder Woman is reborn. 

I am reborn and officially ready to bring it! Today was my last day of Physical Therapy for my rotator cuff partial tear, from here on out, my physical fitness is completely back in my own hands.  

My goal – to get my shoulder muscle definition back before my 50th birthday. It’s now all up to me.  Slow and steady will win the race!

I went through my last session with Crystal, my PT, today and hugged her goodbye.  Tear, tear… 

I will miss Crystal, she is an extremely knowledgeable PT and an awesome person. We talked a lot during our sessions and I really enjoyed her zest for life, candor and positive motivation.  Additionally, her massages were also amazing. She knew a lot of the pain in my shoulders was caused by the stress I put on my neck to compensate for the lack of range of motion.  After 10 minutes of her working on the muscles, deep tissue and stretching my arm overhead, I was so relaxed I would fall asleep on the table. 

I often did… Zzzzzzzz

My shoulder has come a long way since August.  My range of motion is significantly improved. I can now raise my arm completely over my head and lay it flat against a wall or the floor if I am laying down.  I couldn’t lift it past my chest a few months ago.  I can raise my hand! It’s the little things that count these days. Wonder Woman got her groove back!


Wonder Woman Got Her Groove Back

I am back to my four workouts a week with a combination of cardio and strength training routines. I average 45 mins to an hour weeknights and 90 mins to 2 hours weekends. Gotta stay healthy and exercise is the best way I know to do that. However, nothing is as it was before I took my fall in January.  My capabilities sharply declined. 

Prior to my fall, I could do 40 push-ups on my toes and would do lat pull downs with 45 lbs, easy. Rows at 40 lbs, no problem. Chair dips, I could hit a few with no support.  Bench dips, 40 easy peasy.  I would workout 3 hours some Saturday mornings just to get some extra weights in. 

Today it’s a VERY DIFFERENT STORY.  10-15 push-ups on my knees, no Lat pull downs (yet), rows are at 13lbs. Chair dips, I balance on one leg lightly to avoid putting strain on my upper shoulder. Bench dips, 15 tops.  Any more than these reps hurt.  And know what, it will hurt for a while, so I am not going to push my luck.  I am just happy I can do my exercises at all.  I am back!!


I am Back!

I am not going to push myself too hard and overdue it now.  I want to heal and stay ready, willing and able to workout. It is the best way I know to de-stress, eliminate toxins and build immunity to colds, flu and other illnesses.  

Plus exercise keeps you looking great!  Being vain, the looks part is super important. I want to ensure when I hit 50, I am in the best physical shape I can be. 

Wonder Woman is back and she is ready to gain momentum over time and in the long term, kick some ass!!

Since it’s a day to celebrate, I have picked Madonna’s Celebration for my Power Song  today:

Let’s get things started! No more hesitation…

Stay Fabulous! 


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