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Good Morning To You Too… And HIS Power Song.. – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Good Morning To You Too… And HIS Power Song..

November 16, 2015

My Fabulous Friends… I have found the ultimate luxurious indulgence and I just had to share HIM with all of you…

Oh yes, it’s not a WHAT today, it’s a HE, and he is ripe for sharing.  He is one of the best ways to wake up I have found in a long time and each of you should get a turn with him:

The Morning Man Alarm App
If you’re like me, you’re waking up in the morning to the unpleasant buzz buzz buzz of an alarm clock weekdays or the equally satisfying “Mom, you didn’t make the coffee” calls from the kitchen at 8am on weekends.  

Watch how much better waking up CAN be:

The Morning Man gives us us the option of being woken up by a man with a very sexy French accent… 

  • “Bonjour Ma Belle…réveil toi.”  
  • “You have beautiful eyes…”

   …and more, can’t give all the secrets away

Bonjour to ME!  Oh baby, you can wake me up any day… Wait!

The Morning Man will even offer a coffee!    

Since when do I get offered a coffee?  

The alarms themselves are easy to set up, and you get to choose your own snooze time interval which is nice option.   You can also set multiple alarms. Sexy and convenient. 

Only catch, in the free version of the app you only get French and American accents. If you want a sexy Italian, Spaniard, Scotsman, or 6 other options including a Random (new man every day for the women like me who want some VARIETY) you will need to pay an additional $.99 cents.  

Well, since I paid the $.99 cents, I now have my pick of any man I want. How delicious does that sound?  I can play with my Morning Man randomly, change him  weekly, set different men for varied alarms, it’s all up to me!!  

Hello Mr. Italian…

However, I will now have to explain to the man that I love why there is a brand new man in my bedroom every day. 

Think a Power Song will suffice as a worthy explanation why?

Today’s Power Song is Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera,  because in my life, ain’t no other man… Well, except between the minutes of 4:18 and 4:25am…

I will take that coffee now…

Wink…wink 😉😘☺️

Stay fabulous!


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