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A Power Song for a Friday When You’re Feeling Uninspired – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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A Power Song for a Friday When You’re Feeling Uninspired

November 6, 2015

Yes, today I am uninspired.  Ugh. Writer’s block. Why?

Here’s a list:

  • Tired. I only slept average of 5 hours a night this week. Not enough for me. 
  • 1 Hour time change means Winter Is Coming. Depressing. 
  • Little hungover from a great dinner with good friends << so much fun. WORTH IT!
  • I didn’t keep consistent blog theme this week. 
  • Literally ran through oncoming traffic this morning to catch the express bus. Had to get my coffee
  • Foggy, murky day = terrible hair day
  • Terrible hair day means tons of hairspray to boost up this mane of curls. 
  • Great dinner last night with lots of wine = fat pants (diet be damned at this rate)
  • Fat pants are just that, one size up fat pants. My weight makes me crazy. 
  • Fat pants mean tunics. While I love tunics, I don’t love them with fat pants. I just don’t. 
  • My brain feels like Swiss cheese. 

I think that is enough superficial whining.  Time to shake it off and get on with the day. No, Shake It Off is NOT today’s power song.

Today’s power song is “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” by the Eurythmics and featuring Aretha Franklin. 

Despite my extremely monotonous  whining and feeling sorry for myself, I have to get through the day and bring my A-Game. No time for slacking. Fat pants be damned. 

  Getting off your own ass and kicking the worlds in return, that is where the true power lies. 



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