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Winter is Coming – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Winter is Coming

November 3, 2015

I am not telling anyone anything that you don’t already know, but as my Jon Snow would say, “Winter is Coming.”

We turned the clocks back one hour yesterday and honestly it feels like a complete time shift occurred. It’s 5:20pm and it’s as dark as it was at 8:00pm. 

I got off the subway and came upstairs to what is usually a sunny, light filled corner of 57th Street and this is what greeted me: 

Who Turned Off The Lights?

Last Thursday it was this dark when I got on the bus to begin my journey home, but at least I had some Sauvignon Blanc with my dear Cousin before I ventured on my way!  This evening, no such luck. I have to wait until I get home for my precious glass of wine.   

Views from the 59th St. bridge, who turned out the lights?

I would normally watch the sunset as I go over the 59th St. bridge, but tonight, no such luck. My sunset has been replaced with a night sky. 

I am almost nervous to walk home from my bus stop alone! I live in an extremely safe neighborhood, I just don’t like the dark. Creepy things come out in the dark… 

Rounding the corner from the bus stop, I see children out on their bicycles, and that reassures me that it still early enough for me to walk home safely. However, what are these children doing outside in the dark?   Oh wait, it’s only 6:00pm!  

A cloudy 6pm night sky, not a single star to light my way!

I power walked and made it home safely, no creepy things in sight.  It’s only been one workday of darkness and I feel like it’s been a month since my last sunset walk. I can’t wait till March 2016 when we turn the clocks ahead. 

Winter is coming… I don’t like it one bit! Pass the wine… 


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