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Power Song For Today – Let’s be Wild…Move Things… – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Power Song For Today – Let’s be Wild…Move Things…

October 28, 2015

Hello all, it’s a rainy, windy day here in NYC. Today was super busy too. Meetings non-stop and I had physical therapy for my shoulder. 

Starting next week I move to one PT visit per week and 3 weeks after that, finito!  Done and done.  I promise to try to submit these in the mornings as often as I can. 

However, I realize that the more effort I put into the Affirmation and Power Songs posts, the more I find they help ME too!

I want to practice what I preach.  As we all know, I am turning 50 in 2016. I want to embrace my power and motivate myself to new heights, both personally and professionally.  Life begins a new chapter at 50, and I plan on being fabulous and enjoying every day of the journey!

In keeping with being fabulous and embracing your Sex Appeal theme this week, I was searching for today’s Power Song, and I found a super oldie but goodie.  

It’s “Wild Thing” by the English Band The Troggs.  It reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 1966.  2 months before I was born!  They must have known I was coming into the world!  Lol. 

Not for nothing, anyone know what is a Trogg? Couldn’t find a definition. 

The video features the band performing in a train station and at about 1 minute into the video, watch the lead singers eyes, he gives the camera a very sexy stare.  It is groovy…  Little Devil…  😈

The song has a delicious connotation that everyone can embrace… You move me…  

He asks to be held tight and then confirms, you move me…

Hmmm, I don’t have to wonder what we are moving?  Do you?  Quite erotic if you ask me! 

Is it hot in here? Yes I went there, and I will continue to go there for as long as humanly possible!!  



Be a Wild Thing… 💋~Miranda

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