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Yes, You Have “It” – Affirmations for All  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Yes, You Have “It” – Affirmations for All 

October 27, 2015

Yes you have it.  Yes, I am talking to YOU.  You have it.  And you need to use it. It can dry up and it can become inert after a while if you don’t give it proper attention and exercise. 

Before you freak out, it is not gone forever. If it becomes inert, you will just need to reactivate it and maybe practice using it a few times till you get it right. 

By now you’re thinking “Miranda, cut the shit, what’s IT?”

IT is your Inner Sexy! Your Sex Appeal!   Today is all about getting your sexy back 

At the end of reading today’s blog post, I want you to look in your mirror and say “I am Sexy, and I know it!”  No you’re NOT to sing the awful party rock song, this is about You!  

Lord I hate that song. I really do… Back to topic: 

True That!

Sexy isn’t about being thin and having a “perfect” body.  What is a “perfect” body anyway?  I have yet to see a single source, tried and true instruction manual. How many fad diets, exercise machines, books, DVDs exist?  Too damn many. It’s billion upon billion dollar industry that only makes women feel worse about themselves.  Enough! 

You are Sexy. You are Beautiful!  

Remember the quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? You don’t have to be Greek to be a tiger in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter. 

Sexy is about feeling your best, no matter what your size, embracing your self-confidence, intelligence, charm, appeal and using it!    



Let me start this off with a factual example.  I am at least 15 lbs overweight, and I have tried dieting (remember The 100?). It just doesn’t work well for me. I like food. I love to eat. I am an “Italian by Association” wife and mother who has to feed her ravenous sons and husband. What am I going to do? Eat a carrot while they’re chewing down on linguine with garlic and oil?  

Hell no…

  So why not embrace what I do have and feel good about it?  I do!  

  As Audrey Hepburn said: 

Confidence is sexy, intelligence is sexy, self-sufficiency is sexy, and a little leg flash and some mystery never hurt either:  Go to your mirror and smile at the woman smiling back at you. She is sexy as all heck and it’s time to kick some ass. Believe in yourself. If you look today and say “no” come back every day until you say “yes”. Remember it may be inert now, but it just needs some reminders to bring your sexy back.    



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