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Power Song for Today – The Icon Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Power Song for Today – The Icon Edition

October 21, 2015

Yesterday, October 20, 1979 was the 36th anniversary of the release of the Power Song “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” by the late Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. 

In 1979, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand were two of the biggest singing stars in the business…Getting the two women to duet together on the chart-topping single “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” happened in one whirlwind week, according to Summer’s longtime friend, songwriter Bruce Roberts.

Roberts and his partner on the single, songwriter Paul Jabara, had just co-written “The Main Event” for Streisand. Roberts had known Summer since the mid-’70s…

“We said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fabulous to write a song for Barbra and Donna?’ We wrote the song in literally 10 minutes,”says Roberts.

The two called up Streisand and before they knew it were driving over to the singer’s house in the Malibu Colony with Summer.

“Paul and I just trapped them in a room and played the song for them…They loved it and started singing it,” says Roberts.

Within a few days, the two singers were in the studio… It was finished overnight. It was just finished so quickly… The song — about sending a lover packing because he “turns out to be like every other man” — went on to spend two weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. 

~ Excerpts of article by Degen Pener May 18, 2012 from The Hollywood Reporter

In 1979, I was 13, the year when you officially become a teenager. That pivotal, transformative year.  

My Mother loved disco music and had the extended version of this song, which was approximately 12 minutes long.  My friends and I would get together after school and sing this song in my living room every day, alternating who sang Barbra and Donna’s parts. I think I burnt out the grooves on the record, I played it so much. 

 What 13 year old fully understood the lyrics and their power during 1979? Certainly not me, I was more concerned with getting the harmonies right. 

The song was a TRUE power song. “Enough was enough”.  Women were declaring their freedom from boring relationships and feminism was at it’s peak.  Cosmopolitan and Ms. magazine were the rage, Virginia Slims was the cigarette, “Oo La La Sasson” and “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” were the slogans we remembered.  Kramer Vs. Kramer with Meryl Streep about a woman leaving her husband and an ensuing custody battle, and “Alien” with Sigourney Weaver as the bad-ass alien whipping crew member of the Nostromo commercial spaceship, were the top movies of 1979.

As an adult, I now fully understand and appreciate this song’s confidence building, motivational and take-charge of your life mantra.  

Two legendary iconic singers, one dance your ass off song, a movement that changed women’s lives. Enough was, and is enough. 

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  • Reply Gina October 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Hi Miranda! My mom and I listened to this album all the time and dancing in the living room ! This brings back such fun memories! Thanks for sharing! xo Gina

    • Reply Miranda Allen October 21, 2015 at 8:44 pm

      You’re welcome! What’s your favorite “power song” would love to share!

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