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Getting What’s Yours! The Fairy Tale Edition – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Getting What’s Yours! The Fairy Tale Edition

October 21, 2015

Hello Fabulous Friends!   I was going through my Instagram account while sitting here in my own little Corner Of The Universe and saw a hashtag quote on one of Steve Harvey’s posts.  I fell in love with it immediately because of its simple truth:  

 Speaks volumes doesn’t it?  

How will we ever achieve our goals and dreams without putting in the effort?  

Even our beloved fairy tale princesses had to show  hustle to get what they wanted. Let’s take Cinderella: 

She may have sang about wishes and dreams coming true, but let’s face facts. Cinderella worked hard to get herself to that ball and see the man she met in the forest again. She cleaned the house from top to bottom, got all dolled up, and was ready to go when her bitter Bitch of a Step-Mother and Step-Sisters got in her way. They tore her gown and left her at home in tears. 

Cinderella thought that was it, almost let the adversity get the best of her. Then she came across an old woman who was thirsty and hungry in the garden and gave her water. 

One act of kindness and positivity in the face of adversity turned things around. The old woman was Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.  

 Cinderella may have had a Fairy Godmother’s help to get to her goals, but that’s where for us, our friends, coaches and mentors come in!  Just like a Fairy Godmother, they can help you learn and acquire new resources on your quest for what you want. 

  Bottom line, Cinderella got to that ball, met her Prince and left him a shoe to remember her by (Power Pump made of Glass! She worked it).  We all know how the story ends…Cinderella made it happen. You know she was not going to let anyone get in the way of her happy ending. She knew the shoe fit, and she strutted in it.   

Now That is a Power Pump!

 We all have dreams, we all have goals. Pursue yours with vigor, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hustle. Be your own Cinderella. 

A dream is a wish your heart makes…

💋~Miranda 👑

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