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Today’s Power Song! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Today’s Power Song!

October 14, 2015

The Power Song for today totally took me by surprise!  I was in my local Starbucks, as I am every morning, picking up my Venti coffee with steamed coconut milk (YUM). 

I have a ritual in Starbucks. I pick up my order (if you haven’t tried mobile order and pay you should) and carry it over to the tables and stools.  

I go through my purse, pulling out my headphones and building security pass for the walk to the office.  I turn on Apple Music (my new favorite) and go to the “For You” section.     

To my delight, there was a new playlist  Michael Jackson: Funk & Disco. Featuring songs after 1979’s hit Dancing Machine with the Jackson Five, the playlist looked like an upbeat way to start my busy day ahead.  

Sure enough, song number 2 came on and EUREKA! Today’s Power Song is “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. 

Released in 1979, this was the first solo recording that Michael had full creative control over. The song originally received criticism for its lyrics supposed “sexual references” however Michael himself disputed that claim,  and said the lyrics were actually about whatever people wanted them to be about.  Interpret them at will. 

Michael used this song as his platform to move his career ahead as a solo artist. He leveraged his creativity and passion to move his own goals into fruition, and he was successful as a result. 

He won a Grammy in 1980 for Best Male R&B Performance for this song.  The music video was innovative and forward thinking. It shows Michael dancing in triplicate, something very unique in 1979. 

Michael used this song to launch his OWN platform and career,  that’s something to admire and respect.  He took control of his own destiny and pushed against the “force” so he could “get enough.”  

Shouldn’t we all take control of our own destinies and push hard to reach the goals we want for ourselves?  

When listening, tap your feet, dance, sing along. That’s what a Power Song is all about!  

Stay Fabulous!  

💋~ Miranda

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