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I Got This? Career Pathing… – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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I Got This? Career Pathing…

October 12, 2015

I had a very interesting question from one of the young women I mentor today. We were meeting to prepare her for upcoming interviews. She wanted to know how she would discuss career trajectory during the interview process.  

Brilliant young woman, AND has me for a mentor. SMH. 

Knowing my long career history, she asked “How did you know when you were content in your career, when you felt like you could say “I got this?””  

I looked at her with curiousity. After 26 years with my company I really wanted to answer: 

I am a PRO, Easy Peasy!

However, this was my response: 

I try hard, but …

 Let’s face it, I have never felt complacent in my career, that’s what keeps me motivated.  

I AM that baby with the tire, I want to learn more and will constantly challenge my own strengths in the pursuit of new knowledge. 

Do I know I am working in the right company? Yes. That much I do know. I am proud every day I walk in the front door.  

Do I have all the skills I need to do my job to perfection? Heck no. 

Who really does? 

My mentee looked at me curiously…

Does anyone truly have every single skill to do the job without error?

Plus to add more complications in my personal career trajectory, I switched roles a year ago. Deciding to move totally outside my comfort zone into project management based role. 

I, personally, think I have a ton to learn to be effective at project management. I had minimal past experience…

Gantt charts, milestones, deadlines… Dreaded MATH..So not my speed.  

I am a creative, free spirit!  Project management has so many details. Being detail oriented is my lowest preference. I am a “get the job done” kind of person. 

 However, this concept of “not having this” is exactly why I get up every morning and go into work.  I don’t know it all, I am not the best at what I do, I still have a ton to learn. 

Learning is the true meaning of “I Got This.”  I get to constantly pursue excellence. The pursuit of excellence is what enhances my life and gives me purpose.  I gave my mentee my favorite quote from Vince Lombardi:   

My mentee smiled at me.

Maybe she is learning something from me.  I am learning a ton of insight from her.  

When she left, I went back to my desk and stared at my spreadsheets and project plans. I got this…

šŸ’‹~ Miranda 


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