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Momma’s Got a Brand New… Hat – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Momma’s Got a Brand New… Hat

October 8, 2015

Well several new hats actually. I am totally obsessed with the return of the 1970’s boho-chic look of a wide brimmed hat.  

Who’d have thought I would be a hat wearer? With my big, curly hair, hat head is an ultimate no-no. With all the styling product in my hair to keep frizz away and curls enhanced, I don’t want a bend from a hat that has weighed my hair down.  That would equal an all day disaster.  However, these new hats are so cute it’s hard to resist.  

I will just carry extra volumizing hairspray. Simple!

Every woman needs signature accessories. Items that complete your look flawlessly. For me, a hat is a whole new adventure and in time, may become my signature. Let’s see how it goes this winter.

I fell in love with the trend over the summer when I bought my first hat for my trip to Bermuda.  


Me, Bermuda 2015. Hat by Laila Rowe

That was great selfie. I think I took about 40 of them to get the pursed lips just right. Lol. 

I wore that straw hat constantly over the summer. It became a staple. Not only because I liked the way it looked, but it really did help to keep the sun off my face!  A hat and SPF were my ultimate wrinkle fighter during June, July, August and September weekends.  It’s now put away in a hatbox for next season.  Going to have to buy a few new colors for the summer of 2016 before I know it. I think I would like red and black straw.  Decisions, decisions. 

Now that fall is officially here, time for felt.  

I really like this hat, next purchase!

To embrace the trend, you don’t need to invest a lot of cash. Cute hats can be found for under $50 in many stores. I personally love Charming Charlie’s wide brimmed hats. Staple colors and under $30!  
Ok so here I am, rocking my beige hat as I write this post…what do you think?     


Told you I write while on my commute. Thank goodness no one was next to me as I proceeded to take 15 selfies to find one I thought was shareable. 

And of all things, Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic just came on… Talk about rocking the boho-chic vibe all the way!  
Simple, easy to adapt and affordable. That’s what I look for when shopping for trends. It also has to be age-appropriate of course. I won’t be rocking hats with a miniskirt, but some leggings, boots and a tunic, why not? Throw in a leather moto jacket and it can be fun too!  

Omg I love moto jackets. I must own no less than 10. 

Thoughts?  What trends are you loving this fall?  


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