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Saw My Torn Muscle Today and It Gave Me The Finger! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Saw My Torn Muscle Today and It Gave Me The Finger!

October 6, 2015

Had my first visit with the new physiatrist today. She is in the same office as my Physical Therapist. I figured why go two places for treatment when I can do it all in one place?  

What is a physiatrist? They basically do similar treatment as an orthopedist, no surgery. If I left something out, please feel free to comment. 

My Physical Therapist (the PT for short) met with the Physiatrist (the Phy for short) first and gave her a complete rundown of my condition and treatment progress. Slow, lackluster, lots of intermittent pain.  When the PT bends my arm straight over my head, my eyeballs roll into the back of their sockets and I start the Lamaze breathing.  

I Need This Book


Holy shit it hurts!!! I think my husband must call the office prior to my sessions after getting one of my credit card bills and asks for payback.  He would!!

The Phy was extremely thorough, which is always a good sign.  Gave me all the motion tests.  Arms out in front, overhead, press sides, etc.  I performed each one and not for nothing, I have made some progress with my PT.  There were motions I couldn’t complete 2 months ago that I now can do, with some pain, but I can do them!  

Phy kept apologizing for the pain, I asked her to stop. Pain is what will help me heal.  I need to know where it is so I can pay attention to it this time. 

She read my MRI from August and since there was a ton of inflammation in my shoulder they couldn’t get a conclusive reading on one muscle being torn or multiple.  Phy decided to do a sonogram in order to do some stress images while my shoulder was in motion. Sounded good to me. 

I thought I would have to go somewhere else for this, but she brought the machine right in.  2 seconds later, there was my shoulder on camera.   

Looks a little like the ocean in there!

 She had me rotate and move my arm in a few different positions while she did the ultrasound, didn’t hurt, just felt a little tender.  

Suddenly, there it was.  A tear in my supraspinatus muscle.  She pointed it out and while it’s not a complete tear, it’s enough to cause lots of pain which radiates down my bicep tendon.  

The MRI had suggested a possible year in the Teres, however, Phy didn’t see one.  

It was nice to finally see my tear on camera.  I watched my muscle move in response to Phy’s direction and while the muscle was grainy, there it was. My source of my pain. 

Then suddenly like the brat it is, it gave me the finger!  Not kidding, my supraspinatus muscle reached up and gave me the finger. I had Phy take a picture! I was floored!   

Look at that!!!

Red-faced, I was mortified.  Phy looked at me and said, “don’t worry, I have seen many of the inflamed muscles do that.”  

Well I haven’t!  Shocking and defiance in one quick second. 

So I can’t send the little brat to its room to learn a lesson for giving Mommy the finger. As a compromise I begin taking some anti-inflammatories tomorrow to help the pain. The medication should teach the little brat the consequences of acting up and embarrassing Mommy at the Phy’s office.  
The treatment continues….


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