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I Have Fallen and I Got Up (Literally) – The Cheer Up!  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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I Have Fallen and I Got Up (Literally) – The Cheer Up! 

October 2, 2015

Picking up lunch and taking back to my office was an exercise in futility today.  My nutritious lunch ended up all over the concrete steps in front of my office building.  A coverlet of quinoa, tomatoes, kale, the extra avocado I paid $1.50 more spread out in front of me. Darn, I was really looking forward to the avocado too. 

I tripped avoiding someone who stopped in front of me to answer their cell phone and missed a step. My knees smacked into the stairs and my left shoulder (yes the bad one) strained from me throwing my arms to avoid hitting my upper body. Thankfully my tights didn’t rip and I didn’t have any open cuts, but my right knee smarts from the impact. It’s not very swollen, however more ice when I get home.  And some Advil. 

Wouldn’t you know it, someone I knew was standing right there and came over to help me up (no Lifealert moment). He was so nice, made sure I was steady and walked me into the building.  He kept asking “are you sure you’re ok?”  I responded with a quick “I am fine.” I thanked him but he kept staring so I turned on my heels and left.  I prayed I could get out of there immediately. I was mortified.  I don’t know why a fall is such an embarrassing experience, but it is.  Next meeting when I see him I know he will ask how I am, and then it’s a round table discussion. Ugh. 

Enough whining.  Time to cheer myself up!!!  

How many of you adore Sean Hayes?  He is a comedian who’s most famous role was Jack on Will and Grace.  His physical comedy, dance moves and all out silliness make me smile every time. 

Sean Hayes and his husband Scott Icenogle perform some of the best lip-sync videos and guess what, I FOUND A NEW ONE TODAY!!! Yay!!! 

Sean and Scott lip sync to Janet Jackson’s new song BURNITUP! Featuring Missy Elliot. Enjoy:

This video was EXACTLY what I needed to cheer me up on  my bus ride home today.  Fun, entertaining and silly. 

I fell, I got up, I cheered up. 

Onto home for some Sauvignon Blanc and an ice pack, then I will be ecstatic!!


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