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Sharing is Caring: How To Ride Out a Hurricane in Style!  

October 1, 2015


Image – The Luxe Lookbook

 From my friend at the Luxe Lookbook, a guide to ride out Hurricane Joaquin in style:

Ok, East Coasters, it looks like it’s going to be a fun few days of rain, flooding, and a Hurricane to kick up the party into full swing. So here’s the Luxe Guide to ride this storm out in style, so while others are in miserable panic, you can enjoy what you’ve planned for in luxury.

Considering I lived through flooding and during Hurricane Sandy, Luxe Lookbook’s recommendations certainly sound like a better way to ride out the storm!  

How to Ride Out a Hurricane In Style!
Time to find the essentials! Where is that Cocktail Shaker?  



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