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If It’s On Facebook, It Must Be True!   – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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If It’s On Facebook, It Must Be True!  

September 30, 2015

How many of us reposted the “privacy notice” or the “Facebook will begin charging for private accounts” messages on your walls yesterday?  They were Confirmed hoaxes and yet newsfeeds were overwhelmed with Friends postings.  

Sorry to tell you, once you put pictures and personal information on the Internet, it’s out there and no “post share” will stop it. 

Additionally, Facebook statuses are not legally binding. You post to their proprietary network and even with your privacy settings locked up tight, they can access your information. 

I do know what on Facebook is factual and 100% true, hoax-free and effective, those awesome quizzes!!  

Want to know who’s secretly in love with you? There is a quiz for that!  My results: I love you too Mom

Want to know who your roommate should be? There is a quiz for that!  My results: Mom again! Lucky me!

Want to know what two words describe me? Gratitude and Eagerness!  My results: You are adorable and sweet. Your smile is lovely and your face shines brighter than the sun when you smile! Whoever is given your love and heart is very fortunate. Your cheerful and friendly personality just makes everyone around you happy.  

As long as I have my coffee first, this is very factual!  

Want to know what you looked like 250 years ago?  There is a quiz for that!  And OBVIOUSLY it’s true with results like this:  You look stunning – whether in the past, today or in the future! Your beauty is timeless! Share your result on Facebook and let your friends know what you looked like 250 years ago!

Shared!! So true!!

Want to know your greatest strength?  There is a quiz for that!  My result was my CREATIVITY – ‘applause applause’:  You have always new ideas, which you also implement. Your creative mind helps you to find a solution to every problem in your life. On top of that, you have a positive view on life, that your friends really appreciate!

Want to know where you will be in 5 years?  Quiz for that too!! Can you believe all these great topics to choose from?  Me? I will be a “well known Internet personality!”  Heck yeah!!   Computers and the internet have changed the world like no technological invention before. You know this and decide you want a piece of the action – you’ll find fame without having to leave the comfort of the sofa.

I am Intelligent as can be!  Quiz time- You are 96% intelligent, you are Einstein Incarnate! 

True that!

Want to know the origins of your name? Quiz for that!  MIRANDA your result is: First part of your name is a word of Greek origin, and means: Goddess. Second part of your name is a word of Greek origin, and means: Sensual. Your final result is: Goddess Sensual.

Hello!  Shared!!

And did I mention I was Audrey Hepburn?  

 and I am also Elsa!  My Niece would love this result:  

 The one quiz I didn’t enjoy taking was How and When Will I Die?  Let’s face it, does anyone REALLY want to know when the end will come? 

My result – November 22, 2045 from a fit of laughter!

I will take it!  

If you’re still not convinced that the privacy notices are hoaxes and want to protect yourself from the Evil Empire, here is something for you to repost and share away: 

By posting this to Facebook, I hereby do NOT give permission for Mark Zuckerberg to harvest my soul!!  He is coming to harvest your eternal soul on October 2nd,  better get on that reposting and sharing before it’s too late!!!

Remember, if it’s on Facebook, it must be true!  


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