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Things That Make Us Smile – The Afterparty – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Things That Make Us Smile – The Afterparty

September 23, 2015

Yesterday, I spent my entire time writing about my shoulder and it’s Painful ongoing treatment needs.  Today no room for despair here!  It is time to smile with a Things That Make Us Smile – Afterparty Edition. 

Everyone knows that an Afterparty wouldn’t be complete without some serious dance moves!  

Here is 100 Movie Scene Dance MashUp set to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk!  

I love how this video was so well synchronized, from the dance moves to even the lyrics!  This video was one to smile about. 

The 100 Movie Scene Dance MashUp also briefly features one of my favorite comedians, Rowan Atkinson, portraying probably his most famous character, Mr Bean.  

Mr. Bean and Teddy

Mr. Bean brings back so many pleasant memories for my sons and me. When Anthony, Joey and Louie were little, they would rerun his television show (originally produced in the early 1990s) on our local PBS station.  

Every Friday Night we would sit down in front of the television and the boys would laugh out loud to Mr. Bean antics. My own personal after-work, Afterparty. 

Mr. Bean’s physical comedy hit a high note with everyone in my home. Louie had to be no more than 2 1/2, and he laughed as hard as his 9 year old brother. The boys had to have the VHS tapes for Christmas and I know they’re in a box somewhere. I really need to get those on BlueRay now. They are hysterical. 

This video I am about to share is full of precious memories for me. It’s of Mr. Bean sneaking a candy in church:  

Watching it brings tears of laughter to my eyes. Joey was always an exhibitionist and used to imitate this scene when we went to church. 

Yes yes I know, church is a solemn and holy place. I tried to keep the boys in prayer, however I was struggling to contain my own laughter as he emphasized his hallelujahs and would bob along to the music. He was only 6 and an adorable little scamp. His father and I would both tell him to stop but every week, there he was dancing away.  

Know what, he couldn’t wait to go to church, never fought me on how long the mass was on a Holy Day and sang the loudest. Love that kid. Now he is 20 and those precious jokester days are far behind us. Time flies too quickly. 

To finish up my Afterparty, here is Mr. Bean again in the full dance scene from his movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday. Enjoy!!!  Smiles everyone, smiles!!!



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