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Tantrums, Pain and…Progress? – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Tantrums, Pain and…Progress?

September 23, 2015

Didn’t do well in Physical Therapy today. Actually it sucked. Ugh!  

As you may remember I was diagnosed with a partially torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder at end of July. It had been injured however since January when I was doing plank push ups and my arm went out from underneath me.  Since I am a stubborn woman with a very high pain tolerance, I never had it checked out. I continued to try to “exercise it out” and figured it was a pulled muscle and pinched nerve.  However it got worse over time and now it hurts to put on makeup. 

I am my own worst enemy sometimes. 

Today my left shoulder gave out on the second external rotator cuff exercise.  

External Rotator Cuff Exercise

I was in excruciating  pain from the top of my bicep down to the fold in my elbow.  Had to stop the exercise immediately after the first 3 reps.  

My Therapist is so great, she kept encouraging me to relax my neck, and to keep pushing my shoulders down and back. She put a towel into my side to put a bit of space between my body and arm, and encourage the correct muscle usage.  She was trying so hard to be patient with me. 

Today my arm was having none of it. Like a  child having a temper tantrum in a shopping mall, a productive event wasn’t happening.  

First my sons, now my arm

 I was the mother everyone stares at, the one carrying her screaming child out of the mall.   My arm was misbehaving in the worst way.  It finally gave out, additionally I felt the muscles pull in my left side near the top of my buttocks from the exertion of the exercise. 

At that point therapy exercises were over, both with my arm and now I have pain in my back. My Therapist gave me her best possible “I am sorry eyes” and sent me to the massage table. 

This entire situation is very annoying.  I have attended twice weekly physical therapy sessions for 6 weeks now, and I feel like I am not making enough progress. I do my homework exercises and I ice my shoulder afterwards. 

I have seen an improvement in the range of motion, but damn it hurts like a son of a bitch when she bends my arm all the way back over my head. The burning fire coupled with a stretch gives me a painful sensation that curls my toes.  She holds it backward for 5 seconds and then releases it and whoooooooooooo-wee, I see stars.  

 I go to see my Orthopedist in about a week from now. Since they normally don’t surgically repair a partial tear, my Therapist suggested I ask the Orthopedist about getting a pain med or cortisone injection at the trigger point in my shoulder. 

I do not want pain pills, I don’t like taking anything stronger than Advil, so she suggested the injection. 

The goal is to alleviate the inflammation and allow me to train my muscles without too much pain so I can redevelop proper form and stop straining my neck and today my back. 

All of this is uncharted territory for me, so if any of you have had any injections in your shoulder for pain, please let me know, I am avidly researching options to discuss with my doctor. 

Until a final treatment decision is made, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc will have to suffice.  Not a bad interim option.  


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