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Red Lipstick Nutrition Facts – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Red Lipstick Nutrition Facts

September 19, 2015

My signature at the end of my blog has always been a big red kiss 💋, it’s only fitting that I now journey into the red lipstick wearing women category.    

Selfie! Had to take 30 to get 1 I liked! LOL!!

 Red lipstick is nourishing and nutritious for your heart, mind and body:

  1. It Makes You Feel Sexy – women wearing red lipstick are saying to the world, “yes I got this. I am beautiful.”

    25% of your daily recommended Fabulous Allowance


  2. Red is Fearless –  red lipstick shows the world you’re not afraid to be seen, and admired.  You want to stand out even in the most mundane settings and don’t give a f*ck about conventional wisdom.  

    35% of your daily recommended Fabulous Allowance

  3. Fulfilling Happiness Quotient – Women wearing red lipstick LOVE being women. They love the care that goes into getting their look “just right.”  They’re meticulous about making themselves feel fabulous.

    20% of your daily recommended Fabulous Allowance.


    Marilyn Monroe

  4. Confident and Classic – Red lips are a signal of the ultimate in self confidence, the woman who is assured and strong.  It is also associated with the most classic of beauty. Think Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth. The true legends of the silver screen from Hollywoods Golden Age.  A woman wearing a red lip is glamour at its finest.  

    20% of your daily recommended Fabulous Allowance


Rita Hayworth

 Add up 1-4 and that is 100% of your daily recommended Fabulous Allowance in a tube! Can’t get better than that!  

Side effects may include:

  • Prolonged stares from admiring men
  • Jealous stares from other women
  • Doors being opened for you with an accompanying wink
  • A sudden urge to sport a pair of stilettos and strut.

Stop using red lipstick and call a caregiver right away if you experience any of the following:

  • I got nothing

Wear RED!    

What is my goal in going Red versus the standard tried-and-true Beige I have worn for over 20 years?  To celebrate my 49th Birthday and the future Fabulousness to come at 50, I want to celebrate the woman I have worked so hard to become and am continuing to evolve. 

Lord knows I busted my ass to get here, I owe it to myself to sport me some RED lips. All day long!

I now wear a red pout by Giorgio Armani. It’s his new (fittingly named) Ecstasy Lip Lacquer. Ecstasy Lip Lacquer is a long-wearing glossy stain that lasts 8 hours (and it really does)!!!  It also is NOT drying. How many long wearing lipsticks have I returned because they have felt like sandpaper on my lips? At least 20. This one is a gloss, so it’s moisturizing!  And it truly stains your lips with lasting color. 

During the day with a nude liner, it’s got a coral red tone. At night, I use a darker spice liner and va va voom, pow. My lips got a whole new attitude. 

I tried the night look on the way home from work tonight. It’s Friday, so why not cut loose a little and put on a pout for the ride home. My bus driver smiled at me. My husband wanted to know who I had a date with…

This is fun!  I should have tried this 10 years ago!  It’s much easier to feel great in my own skin than by dieting, that’s for sure!  Have a great weekend!  


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