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Sharing is Caring: The Top 10 Things I Learned In My 30s

September 16, 2015

Here is a fantastic article from The Best You Project. Whether in your 30s or 40s, or almost Fabulous 50 like me, these 10 items should be something you can check off on your self-improvement list as “done.”

If you’re not able to say “done”, then let’s open up a dialogue on ways to get you there. I am guilty of complaining on occasion as it’s easier than tackling problem head on, however my complaining is something I am aware of, and working to Improve. It’s on my list of self-improvement topics before I hit 50, what’s on yours?

The Top 10 Things I Learned In My 30s
The Best You Project is a blog I follow, and you should too! 


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