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Happy Birthday! Came, Saw, Conquered! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Happy Birthday! Came, Saw, Conquered!

September 14, 2015

My 49th Birthday has come and gone. I started drafting this post earlier during my Sister’s visit on Saturday, however I had to stop constantly as I didn’t want to miss one precious moment with my Niece.  Having a little girl around the house is a rare opportunity that I thoroughly took advantage of. 

I haven’t stopped smiling since last Wednesday when they arrived to spend 5 days with us. My 49th Birthday was all that I could have hoped for, and more. Nothing grand or over the top, simply a series of small moments that added up to fantastic  memories that will last a lifetime. 

Friday, we had a beach day with my Sister, Brother-in-law, Cousin, Niece and Son.  We went to a remote beach in Suffolk County where they allow off-roading. I didn’t even know this beach existed. 

I have never driven onto the beach, so this was a brand new experience. We actually had to let air out of the tires to commence the journey through the dunes. My Cousin knew a beautiful spot where we could pull his jeep up onto the sand, about 20 feet from the water.  

He had packed the jeep full of the tools we needed to relax, barbecue and fish.

As it was after Labor Day and a weekday, the beach was empty. Lucky us. 

We played in the sand, chasing little crabs.  My son practiced casting the fishing line into the inlet. I enjoyed the breeze and the remote feeling of being away from all the chaos that is my normal life. It was, simply, perfect.

My Niece making Cucumber Soup aka Seaweed Soup


My son practicing his casting

That same evening after the beach, we had a family dinner at a local restaurant.  My 3 Sons were finally together along with my Nieces. One Niece and Nephew are unfortunately missing from this photo, otherwise it would be perfect. 

Having my Guys together is such a rarity these days


Who wouldn’t smile when surrounded by Love?

 Saturday was the big day, at 12:55pm I became 49 years old. I feel phenomenal!

We spent Saturday at a rainy block party, however I was surrounded by family and friends. The party wasn’t for my birthday specifically, but it didn’t stop me from celebrating.  Rain or not.  My hair took an absolute beating by the end of the night. I looked like a drowned rat – so we won’t post those photos. 

My Niece thoroughly enjoyed herself being my honorary Birthday Princess.

Flowers from the Guys and an extra bouquet from my oldest son.

Well I have been 49 for 2 days now and this morning I dropped my Sister, Brother-in-law and Niece off at the airport. It was another tearful goodbye. Goodbyes are always hard. The times we are all together whether here or in California are so precious and wonderful. 

Having them here to celebrate my 49th Birthday made it the best Birthday ever. I have never felt more renewed and happy. Despite the physical pain of my shoulder and normal stressors, Life is good. Really good.  

I would love to hear about your best birthday memories! Share them with us!

đź’‹~Miranda, 49 and almost Fabulous

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