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Life And The Littlest Pet Shop – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Life And The Littlest Pet Shop

September 11, 2015

Today it was a rainy, let’s hang around the house kind of day.  So, I played Littlest Pet Shop (aka LSP) with my niece.  Her little purse that was featured in Yesterday’s Post contained about 30 LSP figurines and all sorts of accessories, from hairbows, to butterflies.  There was even a bevy of food items, little breads, blueberry pies, cakes etc.   


Yes that reflection you see is a clear plastic cover on my dining room table cloth.
It’s a good cloth. I don’t like to stain good linens. Lol

Back to the main story, my niece gave me my 3 figurines that I was to use in play. She then handed me some of the various hair accessories that I could use in our little LSP world.   

 My niece dictated what I could, and couldn’t do with my figurines.  I was a pink dog, grey fox and lilac cat laying down in the previous photo.

My pets ate the food my niece handed to me, and when I wanted to make mine dance to the music playing on the radio, we had a dance party. At first I was told it wasn’t time for a dance party, but my niece soon relented. I simply kept pushing the issue and making my LSP figurines dance. 

Impromptu dance parties with a 4 year old and LSPs are simply amazing. You just let go, throw inhibitions and caution to the wind.  Simply make your figurines dance!

We sang along to One Direction (of course), bopped in our chairs and my niece’s laughter and smiles let me know that all was well in the world. Who knew that the Littlest Pet Shop was such a powerful influence on day to day events and my mood?   

After our dance party was over, it was time to make them rest. We then lined the LSPs up to take a group photo:  

 As my niece is 4, she limitlessly bounds to another task when the mood strikes. Her Uncle mentioned going in the pool and it was quickly time to put the pets away and  go put on our bathing suits.   

However, for those precious 45 minutes of play, the world was ours and only ours.  There were no sorrows, troubles, wars, disease, no memories of tragedy and terrorism which are all over Facebook in honor of 9/11 tomorrow.  

Nothing else existed except my niece, 30 Littlest Pets and me. Life was perfect, just as it should be. 


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