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Presents and the UnDomesticated Me – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Presents and the UnDomesticated Me

September 9, 2015

The Birthday Presents keep coming!  I officially hit 49 and Almost Fabulous on Saturday, and today I got my first birthday card. It’s exciting to count the days down.  

However my best present is on a flight to NY now!  My 4 year old niece is coming from California to spend a few days with me!  My Sister and Brother-in-law are coming too. I have been preparing the house for the past few days. 

My little Peanut on the airplane showing off her purse… 

She loves all things animals.

Can’t wait to spoil her rotten!  There is an American Girl doll waiting for her arrival!  

I wish I was the type of person who was good at hosting others in my home. My Sister is, my Sister-in-law is, I pretty much stink at it (for lack of a better term). I have zero idea where to start!  I rely totally on my husband and others for help in the domestic department. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can clean any room spotless and I sanitize a bathroom like a champion.  

I am not a cook. I can bake when needed but I would rather leave the cooking to someone else any day of the week.  The thought of having to meal prepare and make everyone “full and happy” fills me with stress. Thank goodness I know how to call a caterer for the holidays.   

My Sister-in-law can work a full day (she’s a butcher), come home and prepare dinner for 20. Easily. She is a natural. Hubby cooks most nights and can pull it off easy.  I take 6 days off work for my birthday and you’re lucky if I am serving getting cheese and crackers.  Even then I am stressing over which cheese goes with what cracker.  I don’t get it right.   

Literally just finished a run to the grocery store now to pick up a few last minute items ($140 worth) and I am sure there will be several more “quick runs” in the days to come.  Hubby is putting away the groceries in his designated areas while I sit on the sidelines and await instructions on what to put away downstairs in the pantry. 

 Lucky for me, my local grocer has terrific hand made Sicilian rice balls.  There were 7 on the counter and I bought them all. That’s dinner tonight along with my husband’s Italian squash stew. Oh and some Italian bread too.  He will do the prep, I will run up and down the stairs to get him what he needs. 

All my girlfriends have “specialties,” recipes that everyone goes crazy over.  Their taco dips, Swedish meatballs, spicy chicken wings, lasagnes.  I got nothing. 

Well I do make a mean breakfast casserole and Spanish rice. But I hardly ever have the time to make them.  Usually I “full-fledge cook” around the holidays only (and even then 75% of the meal is from the caterer). 

Tomorrow morning it all commences with bagels for breakfast and then who knows?  I am free wheeling it from here!  Wish me luck, actually wish my guests luck!  Poor them!  

💋 ~ Miranda

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