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Easy Like Sunday Morning – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Easy Like Sunday Morning

September 6, 2015

Sundays are supposed to be a “day of rest.”  I want to know how many people truly “kick back and relax?”  My Sunday’s are always a crazy hodgepodge of totally unrelated activities!  It’s my consistent day of inconsistency!

Let’s start…

I just spent my morning cleaning the kitchen, which no matter what I try it never seems clean enough.  Plus I am overdue to fix the cabinets that I ruined after Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy not only flooded my and my neighbors homes, but in the 11 days of no power that followed, I burned the laminate on the kitchen cabinets. I was boiling water on the stove to try to keep house warm (doesn’t work by the way).

 I am not in the mood to create more dust and drama doing renovations, so it waits.  We fixed the lower level of our home which took the direct hit with almost 4 feet of flood water.




To my friends and readers, who are still in process of full recovery from Sandy, I hope you get your homes back soon.


No sitting around on the beach today. Next task…

OMG I just tried my latest female torture device. An Epilator. Holy cow you KNOW a man invented that little machine.  An Epilator is a series of rotating tweezers that Removes hair at the root.

I bought the Emoji Epislim because I am personally tired of getting my upper lip and chin threaded. I can’t get my facial areas waxed, no matter how good the technician, my skin reacts and I get a burn.  It actually scabs. Pain and yuck!

Threading is great for my skin, but it’s expensive.  I pay almost $24 every 2 weeks for my eyebrows, lip and chin. This little machine cost me $29 on QVC.

 I gave it a test on my upper lip and chin and honestly I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary pain-wise.  Getting these areas threaded on a regular basis, the Epislim has a similar feel. Threading has helped me to build a tolerance to the feeling of having hair pulled.

I then gave my little friend a cleaning with an alcohol pad and decided to test it on a small patch of the back of my upper thigh that I missed shaving.  OOOOWWW!  Walking a little funny. Lol.

Ok seriously it wasn’t that bad, but it’s been 40 mins and I still have a burning sensation.  This little machine did pull the hairs out though.  Cleaned it again and put it away. I am not ready to go hog-wild with hair removal today. Anyone else use an Epilator?  Comments welcomed!

Now am off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to do some shopping. I need a new Aerobed for my niece’s upcoming visit.

Afterwards it’s making a pit stop at BJ’s  so I can make dinner for the boys. My youngest works from 4-10pm today so we need to eat early.  Last night, we had pasta with garlic and oil.  Gave it an extra twist with some fresh picked from the garden tomatoes and basil.

Today I have no inspiration.  My boys do not enjoy barbeque (probably the only boys in America who are not into hamburgers and hot dogs), so every summer weekend leaves me in a quandary on what to make for Sunday dinner.

Had my coffee and I am off to get my day into high gear!  Wonder what else I will squeeze into my agenda today. No rest for the weary on a Sunday!  Easy like Sunday Morning doesn’t apply to me… Any dinner ideas appreciated.   💋~ Miranda

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  • Reply New Journey September 7, 2015 at 3:49 am

    sounds like a productive day…I have been doing yard work all holiday week…but I always laugh because I am retired…everyday is Sunday, but I can’t get out the working mindset..LOL real sorry you got hit bu the hurricane….glad you were able to keep you home…

    • Reply Approaching50AndFabulous September 7, 2015 at 3:58 am

      Thank you very much! All in all it was productive and there is more work ahead tomorrow! Lol. Yes hurricane sandy hit our area hard, but so many others had it worse. I count my blessings.

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