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Wonder Woman Versus Physics – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Wonder Woman Versus Physics

August 26, 2015

There is a TV commercial that repeats Newton’s law of motion in Physics –  “a body at rest tends to stay at rest…while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”  Well, they left off the most critical portion of the law, read the last portion of the second sentence.   I was in motion, acted on by that external,unbalanced force, fell and now I have an unsure treatment plan ahead.  

As many of you know, I am committed to exercise. I truly enjoy it.  It’s part of what makes me, me. If I can’t exercise, I feel incomplete. 

I have been exercising for 12 years and thought I was in decent shape. I could do 40 “on my toes” push-ups with no problem.  

Working full-time, mother of 3, committed to exercise, nutritionally sound, living life in a kick ass pair of Power Pumps and accessories; I was Wonder Woman!


Ok enough with my reminiscing. Let’s get back to the facts. Wonder Woman was doing elbow plank push-ups:

As you will note you start in an elbow plank (figure 1). Then moving each arm individually (figure 2) you move from resting on elbows to resting on your hands in a full plank position (figure 3). Then  repeat this motion going back down to your elbows and back up again. 

It’s a great exercise for your arms, chest and shoulders.  Wonder Woman was proud of her shoulders. 

On that fateful day, my left hand slipped out from underneath me and I fell onto the floor my left arm fully outstretched. 

See how graceful she looks below? She looks great right? That WASN’T ME! But it gives you an idea of how I landed on my shoulder.  

  The fall was quite painful, but I assumed it was a pulled muscle and didn’t let something as small as a minor fall stop me.  

Over the weeks and months that followed (yes, months) I was still working out but I had a nagging pain in my left arm that would not go away. 

Have I ever mentioned I am a leftie?  

Having an unusually high pain tolerance, I kept going, working out, pushing myself to be normal through the pain that wouldn’t quit.  I didn’t want to accept that something was wrong.  However, the fact that I couldn’t even do 15 push-ups on my knees without pain should have lead me to act, no??

No, I am stubborn. 

Finally, my arm gave up and surrendered. I was no longer Wonder Woman (but let’s get real I hadn’t been her in a while).  

About 2 weeks ago, the pain was shooting into my hands. My left thumb was burning.  I couldn’t lift a makeup brush without pain. 

Dragged myself to an Orthopedist and had an MRI on my left shoulder. Diagnosis? Partial thickness tear in my rotator cuff coupled with inflammation, fluid and swelling. Joy.

A full thickness tear would have required surgery, it also would have been severely painful immediately versus months later.  As it is a partial thickness tear, I was able to continue my life, albeit I should have been stretching daily and getting physical therapy. 

The orthopedist will not operate. I started 6 weeks of twice weekly physical therapy and once that’s completed, then they will decide what’s next…  Unfortunately my ongoing ignorance to treating my condition has lead to fluid, impingements and swelling.  They could not see the complete tear so I will probably need another MRI.

Just what I love! The Unknown! NOT!  

I do like my physical therapist. She is awesome. If anyone needs an excellent one in NYC, let me know and I can give you a recommendation.  So there is one bright light in all this. 

For the next few weeks I have to hang up my bullet-deflecting bracelets, and work on my recovery.   

It’s ok, I couldn’t twirl the lasso over my head anymore anyway.   
Let’s see if I get some range of motion back in the coming weeks.  This Amazonian is having NO FUN. At least I can still ride the bike or go for a run, but I am sorely missing my weights.   

If you have had this type of injury and/or rotator cuff surgery, I would love to hear from you!  I would like to know what you went through during recovery. 


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