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Surprising the Unsurprisable – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Surprising the Unsurprisable

August 24, 2015

They got me good and I never saw it coming.  

 Our family threw us a surprise 25th anniversary party Saturday.  It was overwhelming, unexpected and one of the most loving gestures I have ever received. 

Our 25th anniversary was almost 6 months ago, so who would have imagined a surprise party now?  Certainly not me, I am always “in the know.” 

I was not “in the know” this time, everyone pulled the wool over my eyes for months, including my own sons!  They pulled the party off in MY HOME.  There was even a printed invitation (which I still haven’t seen, but want to).

My Sister-in-Law Lucy spearheaded the party planning operation, meticulously crafting every detail from the guest list to the set up.  Lucy is well-known for her party planning skills. She is the key person for every family event, including when I host Christmas Eve dinner in my home. I rely upon her for her expert advice, culinary ability and her astounding wit. She is also one of the funniest women I have ever met.

While everyone was hiding in my garage waiting for us to get home, she reminded them to shut up and that they were in close quarters so they better not fart!  That’s my Girl!

About a month ago, some friends asked us to go to lunch. We don’t get together often enough, so the invitation was an exciting prospect.  For me anyway, hubby found EVERY reason to complain about having to do lunch versus dinner. He even asked them if we could cancel, to which he was told that they used a credit card to secure the reservation, so there was a $50 charge if we canceled.

Hubby was furious, he likes his weekend days free. Oh my goodness the man nagged me to death for making these plans!! Little did either of us know, this luncheon was the critical part of the plan. If we didn’t go, there was a pre-planned “emergency” that would drive us out of the house. They needed us out by 1pm to set up. 

We went to a lovely little restaurant, had wine and some pizza with fig and prosciutto (so delicious and which I still wish I ate two of).  Our friends kept talking about a party at an Uncle’s house they had to get back for by 5pm. We had 2pm reservations, so plenty of time for good food, conversation and the drive home. 

Hubby settled in and truly enjoyed himself. He can be almost mildly charming when he wants to be!  

Thank goodness for food and wine. IT has been the glue that holds us together!  

Once we sadly left the restaurant (I really wanted that second pizza) we made the 30 minute drive home. Little did I know that my lunch companions were co-conspirators and texting our whereabouts to the revelers waiting at home. 

We pulled into my driveway, and my garage door suddenly opened for the big reveal. I was nearly floored in shock.  The only words coming out of my mouth were “holy shit” and someone reminded me there were children present (jokingly of course). Didn’t stop me from repeating “holy shit” another 15 times while greeting and hugging my family and friends. 

At least 50 people emerged from my garage, and I found myself falling into a panic!  WHERE THE HECK WAS I GOING TO PUT ALL THESE PEOPLE??? I have no room in my house for a party of 50!  

Little did I know, when Lucy plans a party, she leaves no stone unturned. I was lead out to my backyard, and there were tables, chairs, umbrellas, a buffet dinner, the works. 

I was still in a total state of shock and awe. I don’t remember eating or drinking anything, I was walking around talking in total disbelief!  I couldn’t believe everyone went to this trouble for us!  It was absolutely the most amazing experience. I don’t think the words “thank you” could ever express the gratitude I feel. 

I wish everyone could have been here however, missing were my parents, sister and her family.  Considering they live in California and Florida they don’t have the easiest of commutes for an afternoon event.  They knew about our party and sent me lovely messages during the event. Plus my sister and her family will be here in 3 weeks for my birthday, so we get a make-up celebration. 

I am still reeling from all the love. It was a fantastic, wonderful surprise that I will never forget. 

I know some of you reading my blog were there, know that you got me GOOD! You totally pulled the wool over my eyes and I will always love you for it. 

💋~ Miranda   

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  • Reply Sam Red August 26, 2015 at 7:33 am

    Great post Miranda, your sense of humour always has me chuckling 🙂 Greetings, Sam

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