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My Own Little Corner Of The Universe  – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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My Own Little Corner Of The Universe 

August 19, 2015

I overslept this morning. Figures. 

I was a raving B*Tch Yesterday, so I deserved a little payback from Mother Nature.   

 When I oversleep I miss my carpool, so I have to take the bus. Today I was really late so I took the 6:48am which would get me into my office by 8:00am. 

Bus taking is usually reserved for Friday’s when the driver of my carpool is off. I usually catch the 6:12am, and I arrive at work at 7:00am. 30 minutes makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic into Manhattan.  The 6:48am takes twice as long. Ugh.  

 The walk to the bus stop is pleasant, and there is a Coffee shop on the corner so I get a large one for the road. Dark roast, Almond Milk, no sugar. That’s my drink. 

Today I boarded the bus and there was a new phenomenon which redeemed the prospect of a late arrival.  Empty seats

Most mornings, since I am second to last stop before we head into Manhattan, every seat is full with at least one person. There is room for two, so I have a seat mate.  I just love asking them to move their bags so I can sit down. 

The “it’s such a bother” face is always a nice greeting. Some folks are nice though and say “good morning” instead. 

I usually juggle my bags into my lap and strategically open my coffee to not give my seat mate an unwelcome bath. Omg could you imagine if I did that?  

However today, there would be none of that. No juggling, no gymnastics. 

Climbing into the empty seat I position myself near the window and place my bags on the aisle seat. No one gets on at the next stop, I am home free!! Full seat possession is mine!!

The seat backs are high enough that I can compress myself down into their “walls” and pretend I am totally alone. They also lean back slightly so I assume a totally relaxed posture.  It’s my little corner of the universe.

I can only see the person directly to my left and today that seat is empty, the person in front of me is asleep, as well as the person behind me.  I noticed that little factoid when I got on the bus. 

I am by myself.  I can do whatever I want in my little corner of the universe. I take my coffee out of my purse and instead of worrying about it spilling, I drink it enthusiastically, sweeping motions versus cramped elbows.  The joys of looking out the window and enjoying my cup of joe, completely alone. 

I pull out my phone and scan the news. I can do that easily now and not have to balance two purses AND that coffee. 

For the next 30 minutes, time is all mine. Maybe I will play some Words With Friends? Or check my Facebook

I don’t worry about my life outside the little bus seat. It will be waiting for me when I get off. For now I am in my little corner of the universe and it is just great

💋~ Miranda

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