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Things That Make Us Smile! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Things That Make Us Smile!

August 12, 2015

I had a whole article planned, including some cute memes.  I won’t tell you my original theme as I will use it for next week. 

My ideas all went right out the window the minute I saw this video on Facebook:

How adorable was that?  I watched the video 3x and can easily visualize my 20 year old son Joey as the Dad in this video…petting his baby like a puppy and all!

NOT YET THOUGH!  One day in the future! Maybe 10 years in the future!

My son Joey is so independent and creative. He would have the cling film all over the house too! 

Let’s be serious for two seconds. The thought of my sons as father’s one day isn’t that foreign a concept, considering they are entering their 20s. I am slowly accepting the idea of one day being a Glamma, just like my Mom. 

I can see Joey in this video too; at the birth of my granddaughter:

My sons are going to be super protective fathers. From minute one. My granddaughters will be treated and revered like princesses. 

Notice I am unashamed to say, I want granddaughters.   

 I have 3 sons and always wanted to be a mother of boys. I grew up with a sister.  I always wanted to know what it was like to raise men.  

It has been one heck of an interesting journey.  More to come in future columns…

Now that I have raised my men, I would like some little girls to cuddle and put bows in their hair.  However, I do realize it is not my choice and whatever I receive will be a true gift, boy or girl. 


One day… When that day comes, and I am an official Glamma will be the happiest woman in the world x 100. 

Glamma will be in the house, power pumps and all!  My granddaughter’s first gift will be something from Chanel, for sure. 😉.         

💋~ Keep Smiling! Miranda 

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