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Things That Make Us Smile – My Oh My! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Things That Make Us Smile – My Oh My!

July 21, 2015

Hello my Fabulous Friends!  What a great day it was, and it has nothing to do with diet or weight loss for a change. 

This morning, I had the benefit of sighting handsome men every where I looked. Yes I am going to objectify men for a few minutes, but why not?  

As a grown woman, I earned the right to appreciate the male form and today was a day for appreciation!

My new idols, the Golden Sisters do it in these commercials for Volkswagen and when I am their age I hope to have the same healthy desire to flirt my ass off that they do. 

I happen to adore the rugged type of man featured in this video.  Rugged is my definition of sexy.  No shirt and tie executive types for me, give me a man in jeans, a flannel or t-shirt any day. The beard is a little long for my taste, but he did have a nice rear view as my girls pointed out. 

How can you not love these ladies?  They’re fabulous and working it.  They show us all that being hot is not limited by age.

This morning when I got out of the car to head to my office, I crossed Park Avenue with no less than 8 handsome tradesmen heading off to their construction site. Oh the benefits of getting to the office at 6:30am!  I tried not staring too hard, nor did they say anything to me, but I admit I appreciated the view!  Each of them were different men, but that rugged vibe was apparent. So sexy, just saying!  

The NYC skyline is awe-inspiring, but I like to be able to look straight ahead once in a while.

I made my usual pit-stop in Starbucks for a coffee (no sugar of course) and as soon as I walked another half a block, another constellation of tradesmen. Again, each one different than the next, and lucky me, I got a buy one, get one free viewing party today.

Things that make me smile include handsome men. Why shouldn’t they, I am not dead yet! 

I don’t define handsome by a six-pack abs and a chiseled jaw. I like men with varied body types and it’s all about the eyes.  If he’s got playful eyes…   


I think I am going to crank up “It’s Raining Men” on my iPhone for the remainder of the ride home. 

What type of men do you find attractive?  Do you agree with me on rugged, outdoorsy types or do you like the suit and tie?  I would love to hear your opinion.   


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