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The Grey Hair Moments – Thanks Tiger Woods! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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The Grey Hair Moments – Thanks Tiger Woods!

July 16, 2015

Let me immediately say that today’s commentary has nothing to do with Tiger Woods’ golf game, swing, ranking (241st in the World Golf Ranking), his back surgery or personal life.  So if you are not vested in golf, as I am not, read on. 

Today’s commentary is because Tiger Woods gave me a Grey Hair Moment.  He and I have never met, and yet he increased the grey hairs on my head.   I can truly see new roots!  

 What did Tiger do?  

He considers being 40 to be OLD.  

Tiger, have you been living under a rock? You’re 39!  40 is the new 30!  

  Many major news outlets covered his interview Tuesday prior to Round 1 of the British Open and asked him if he was going to retire from golf:

Woods told jokes when he was asked if he’d thought about retiring. “I don’t have any AARP card yet, so I’m a ways from that,” said Woods. “I’m still young. I’m not 40 yet. I know some of you guys think I’m buried and done, but I’m still right here in front of you.

Source: CBSSports.com

Since when does 40 years old or an AARP card signify our life being over?  Buried and done?  Really???

I had to find out if my sudden anger was misplaced, so I googled PGA majors wins of players over 40 and 50 and found some facts that supported my head shaking in disbelief:

  • In PGA tour history,  golfers over the age of 40 have won a major – http://abt.cm/1I6LCgl. 
  • Vijay Singh won 22 titles in his 40s!   
  • Sam Snead had many PGA wins in his 50s!    

Doesn’t Tiger know that 50 is the new 40?

I would like to know why Tiger considers 40 old?  Hell, I am 48, and in better shape physically, mentally and emotionally than I ever was in my 20s!  This is my prime! 

I gave birth to my oldest at 25, weighing almost 85 lbs more than I do today. I eat better, exercise, am creative.  And at 48, I rock a mean pair of Power Pumps!

At 40, we fully develop our personal sense of style, and are firm in our likes and dislikes. We now lead the way, we no longer follow the trend. 

At 40, we are established adults, capable of more than we ever could have imagined for ourselves.  Our skills levels are at their peak!  When Nike says “Just Do It”, we say “Been There, Done That!”  

I am sorry Tiger, but you got the whole midlife and aging experience all wrong. Maybe you and your future AARP card need the name of that realtor who promotes the active adult communities on TV.  Maybe you want to play some Bocce in your Bermuda shorts or hang out in the ClubHouse playing Bridge?

As for me, and my fellow dedicated readers we are not older, we are f*cking fabulous!   

 I am also a proud card-carrying member of AARP who’s got the best years of her life ahead of her.  

Tiger, you’re dismissed. Please bend down and kiss the bottom of my Power Pump as you leave.  


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