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Wedding Crasher…  Did She Burn? – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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Wedding Crasher…  Did She Burn?

July 14, 2015

Hello Friends!  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  I spent most of Saturday running errands and on Sunday, I had the ultimate test of endurance for my diet. 

A wedding for my husband’s cousin’s daughter.   

Say “husband’s cousin’s daughter” 3x fast

It was a lovely wedding in all respects that matter. Happy Couple, proud families, heartwarming vows, perfect weather, and a killer reception. The venue was awesome, music was pumping and I don’t think we stopped dancing all night. 

New York City weddings, especially Italian New York City weddings in MY family, are the pinnacle of food and drink consumption. 

A normal wedding for us has a 60-90 minute cocktail hour, complete with a raw bar. A 4 hour reception follows including antipasto, salad, pasta course, entree, cake, coffee, and a Viennese table.  A Vienesse Table is the Academy Awards of dessert buffets. 

You haven’t lived until you’ve plowed your way through a Viennese table. Every sweet treat you could imagine, buffet style, and a chocolate fountain.


Can you say Brownie bits dipped in chocolate? 

Having been so good on my diet, and losing 5 last week, this wedding was the ultimate test of my endurance in low-sugar eating. 

What would I eat?

What would I drink?

Would I have the brownie bits dipped in warm, runny, chocolate?

I was truly on fire throughout the cocktail and dinner service.  I kept to shrimp and avocado salad, some cold calamari salad and a Steak for my entree.  A glass of Pinot Grigio topped it off.  Passing on the pasta, I thought I had aced it. The night was going to be in the bag – I was going to be a wedding diet rockstar survivor!  

And then, my arch nemesis the Viennese table appeared, not only did it appear, but there were my beloved brownie bits, crying out to me.  

Dip me! Dip me! You know you want to…

I dipped. 

Ugh. I admit it, I dipped ONE. 

It did not taste good. It actually was too sweet!  Tasted like sugar and nothing more. I ate half the bite and put the plate down on the nearest empty table. 

Oh but it did not end there, further down the buffet line was a chocolate Devils food and buttercream frosting cake.  I love butter cream. 

I caved. 

The waiter loaded a piece onto my plate and I thought to myself “this is too much”.  Did that stop my fork?


I took a bite. 

It was good. Too damn GOOD. I ate half the slice, scarfing down was a more appropriate word. 

I felt so guilty I dropped the remaining half of the  cake off on the bar on the way back to my table. 

Why why why?  Why did I have to eat that cake?  

I thought I was tougher than this!  


Let’s see what happens on next Friday’s weigh-in. 

Today’s post is dedicated with thanks to 👿 my inner devil for helping me sabotage myself. 

Special thanks to Spanx, for keeping all the jiggly bits in place the next day. 

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