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The Grey Hair Moments // TBT – Shocker!! – Approaching 50 and Fabulous
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The Grey Hair Moments // TBT – Shocker!!

June 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday!  #TBT  sparks tweeting or facebooking of our pictures of funny, romantic or happy moments from our past. My TBT is a Grey Hair Moment starring my eldest Anthony, and it’s one I will never forget.  


Yes, that is my oldest son under those bandages.  This is what I walked into the emergency room at Weill Cornell Hospital’s burn unit and immediately saw upon entry.  My son laying motionless on the gurney, thankfully conscious, in excruciating pain with 1st and 2nd degree burns covering his face and neck. He murmured the word “Mom” and my heart was in my throat. 

If there was ever a time I was going to have a cardiac episode, this was it. 

About 2 hours before, Anthony’s Jeep had overheated at the corner of a busy intersection near our home.  I had just left my office and was on the express bus headed home. His father was home, along with his brothers. 

Anthony pulled over to the side of the road and being experienced with cars and mechanics, knew what to do, however the jeep had other plans. He unlatched the hood, walked around to the front of the car and lifted it up. 


The radiator hose exploded, spraying him in the face with boiling coolant.  Reacting in a split second, he closed his eyes, and ripped off his t-shirt to try and wipe the burning chemicals off his face. 

That only made it worse. My bare chested son dropped to the floor in agony, screaming for help. 

Luckily, there was a pizzeria on the same corner and the employees saw what happened, called 911 and were already out the front door, jugs of water in hand. They quickly dumped the water over my sons head and kept soaking him until the ambulance arrived. 

Who knows if it was right way to react but their actions did save my son’s face. We went back and thanked them

The water rinsed off the coolant and my son was still conscious and able to speak. One of the pizzeria employees helped him call his father.  He and my son Joey raced to the scene. Joey ended up accompanying Anthony in the ambulance to the hospital. 

Meanwhile, I was on the express bus home playing Words with Friends or surfing Twitter, usually one of the two. I got the call that they were taking Anthony to Cornell as it has a premier burn unit, and I had just left NYC. 10 more minutes at work and I probably could have beaten the ambulance there.  I made my way back as quickly as I could. 

Now, I am no stranger to hospital visits. Having 3 sons who were active children and teens meant cuts, stitches, broken bones, etc. But none of my children ever looked like the Mummy!  This sight scared the shit out of me.  

That’s his Aunt holding his hand. She and her husband rushed to the hospital upon getting the call from Joey in the ambulance At least he had someone holding his hand for a little while before I could arrive and take over.  

They took the bandages off before we went home and thankfully his face mostly healed. He just has a little scar on his nose and a scar under his chin where he compressed his neck and chin together immediately when the hose exploded.  The burns in both those spots were a bit deeper. 

One year later, the Jeep is gone, his face is handsome again however my #TBT Grey Hair Moment will live on forever in my memory. 


Thank goodness for a box of color!!

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